Outside Scholarships

To comply with federal regulations, Nazareth University must include any outside scholarship/private scholarships in the total financial aid offers to ensure that financial need and/or total cost of attendance is not exceeded.

  • If your federal financial need is exceeded due to an outside scholarship, we must reduce your federal need-based aid (i.e. Federal Work Study, Direct Subsidized Loans) accordingly.

Nazareth University scholarships and grants may be used toward tuition charges only; room grants offset Nazareth's on-campus housing charges. Normally, the University does not reduce its own scholarships/grants as a result of an outside scholarship. However, some outside scholarships may be restricted to a tuition benefit only (i.e. NYS TAP, Veteran’s/ROTC tuition benefits, Tuition Exchange, etc.) or to a housing benefit only.

  • If the sum of the tuition-only outside scholarships and the Nazareth University scholarships/grants exceed tuition charges, the University will then reduce Nazareth scholarships/grants accordingly.
  • If the sum of the housing-only outside scholarships and Nazareth University housing scholarships exceed housing charges, the College will then reduce Nazareth scholarships/grants accordingly.