Heartbleed Bug Resource Page

Below is some important information related to the Heartbleed bug, including how to reset your MyNaz and Google Apps passwords.

What is the heartbleed bug?

The bug is a vulnerability in a piece of the software that a majority of secure websites (those that start with "https") use to encrypt personal and sensitive information in an attempt to secure it. The Heartbleed Bug has been in existence for more than two years, but was only recently identified by security firms. When exploited, the bug allows hackers to bypass the encryption and view protected communications, including personal information like usernames and passwords.

Are Nazareth servers affected by it?

ITS staff have identified servers that were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Security patches have been applied to fix the vulnerability on all affected servers. At this time, we have not seen evidence of compromised accounts. However, we also cannot be certain that accounts are 100% safe.

How do I reset my MyNaz password?

If you receive an email notice directing you to reset/change your MyNaz password please visit https://auth.naz.edu/accounts/password.

This procedure can be completed from any computer with internet access.

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