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T@N 2013

T-N-2013.jpg"Always On": How Pervasive Social Media is Altering Communications, Education and Learning

January 9, 2013
8am - noon
Golisano Academic Center

All faculty and staff are invited to attend the Third Annual T@N (Technology at Nazareth) Conference, a morning dedicated to exploring technology issues and offerings at Nazareth.

In less than a decade, widespread adoption of social media platforms has forever changed the interpersonal communications landscape. What began as rudimentary tools to better connect friends has evolved into a preferred source for news, gossip, information, and active learning.

Join Mike McDougall, APR, a frequent global speaker on the advent and application of new communications technologies, as he shares how progressive uses of social media are reshaping the learning experience. How a new generation of students is integrating pervasive shared experiences into their daily lives, creating an "always on" culture. How faculty and staff at universities are embracing socially-driven digital platforms to remain relevant, responsive and effective in their mission.

The conference's opening keynote will be high energy, interactive and perhaps even a tad controversial, all with one goal in mind: encouraging the Nazareth community to prepare students not only for the ever-changing world of today, but for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Guest Speaker: Mike McDougall
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