Donor Impact Report

Gratitude from Darrell Bell

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Your giving spirit soared during an extraordinary year, even when the health and safety of your immediate family and friends were surely your top priority. Because of you, Nazareth was able to thrive and our students to excel.

Thank you!

Your generosity created access for our students when financial burdens at home threatened their ability to start or continue their Nazareth education. Your support made technology modifications possible, allowing teaching, learning, and working to continue smoothly. And, thanks to your philanthropy, our campus was clean and safe so all who were able to return could do so with confidence.

The 2020–2021 academic year was a year like none other for Nazareth College. On July 1, 2020 we welcomed our new president, Beth Paul, who began her leadership of the College at a time of newfound and unimaginable challenges brought on by a surging pandemic and pressing societal issues surrounding equity in America, in Rochester, and on our own campus.

I joined the Nazareth community as the vice president for advancement in May 2021, and have met many of the faculty and staff members who rose to the varied challenges presented this past year to provide the very best in-person and on-line experiences possible for our students. I’ve witnessed the amazing accomplishments of the students themselves, who, equipped with face coverings and fortitude, successfully soldiered through two semesters of Zooming and a host of health and safety protocols – all with their Golden Flyer heads held high!

As I continue to learn about the College’s history, its traditions and values, and the thousands of people who make up the extraordinary community that is Nazareth, I look forward to an ongoing conversation with you.

These webpages provide a small glimpse into just what an impact you have on our students and the College. I invite you to read and let me know what you think!


Darrell Bell
Vice President for Advancement