Current Initiatives

The Sustainability Task Force educate and exposes the campus to sustainable and green initiatives happening here at Nazareth.

New Initiatives

How do we keep the campus informed?

Watch for posters, e-mails, and events calendar postings about events. If you have a question or idea, e-mail us!

Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Results for the 2016 tournament are in. Nazareth College ranked in the top 20th percentile of participants in the Grand Champion race.  We placed 1 out of 19 in New York State and 37th out of 207 in overall rank of all colleges participating.RM_logo_2016_lowres.jpg



Earth Day

    Earth Day Snack
    Pledge Board Signing
    Lilac Bush Planting

    "We're really making an effort to be "green" on campus — education initiatives, increased energy conservation efforts, and doing all we can to eliminate waste — but you can help too! Sustainability is everyone's responsibility."

    Trina M. Marquez
    Associate Vice President, Campus Operations

    Green Day

      Farmers Market
      Farmers Market
      Farmers Market
      Farmers Market