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Naz 2020 Strategic Plan

To best achieve our vision, our strategic plan recognizes the need to respond well to challenges facing higher education institutions: changing student demographics, the need to make college more affordable, increased competition, evolving technology, increasing globalization, desires to demonstrate success, and the need to be environmentally sustainable.
Nazareth is well positioned to meet the challenges, thanks to extraordinarily well-qualified faculty and staff who are devoted to the success of our students, a strong mix of liberal arts and sciences and professional degrees, a national reputation in community engagement, and an array of international programs.

Our focus through 2020:

  • Distinctive academic programs, including our “uncommon” core curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and growing international programs
  • Student growth and development, including enhancing curricular and co-curricular programs that develop leadership skills, initiatives to meet the needs of a more diverse student population, and expanded efforts to support student success
  • Creative use of resources — including people, money, space, and technology — and expanding the endowment and unrestricted support to make college more affordable
  • Modest enrollment growth to enhance geographic and socioeconomic diversity and best use faculty, staff, and infrastructure, while preserving close attention to students
  • Expanded visibility of the college by telling the stories of Nazareth’s impact on our students and the world
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