Music Therapy FAQs

What is music therapy?
What is creative arts therapy?
What's the difference: music therapy vs. music education?
What is the best way to prepare to pursue a music therapy degree?
Can I double major in music therapy and performance?
Can I double major in music therapy and musical theater?
Can I minor in psychology?
What is an internship in music therapy?
What are the job prospects in music therapy?
Is it important to get a master’s degree?

Audition and Interview Process

Acceptance into the program
Musical knowledge and ability
Interview and preparation

Transfer Students

About the program
I have an associate’s degree/college credits in music. Can I transfer into the undergraduate music therapy program at Nazareth?
What else should I consider regarding a transfer into the music therapy program?
What if I already have a bachelor’s degree, like a Bachelor of Music, or Bachelor of Arts, but not in music therapy?
What if my undergraduate degree is in something other than music?
How do I transfer successfully?
What are the audition expectations for transfers?

Organizations Seeking Student Interns

How can music be used in health care and education settings?
What can student music therapists do (and not do)?