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Arts and Culture

Nazareth's reputation in the arts and its excellent facilities provide you with opportunities to participate in an exceptional number of cultural experiences.

The Arts Center

The Nazareth College Arts Center is far more that just a classroom building for music, theater, and art majors. For decades, the Arts Center has presented the best in dance, children's theatre, and international entertainment to the region. A world-class presenter and venue, it gets many of the same shows that perform in major venues like the Lincoln and Kennedy Centers. And as a full-time student, you're entitled to one free ticket to each Arts Center-sponsored event.

In addition to national touring acts, events include:

  • The Student Art Exhibition each April, a three-decade tradition.
  • Public exhibits and performances presented by the departments of art, theatre, and music. These include theatre productions, musicals, operas, recitals, and art exhibitions.

Cross-cultural Opportunities on Campus

Events and activities sponsored by our clubs and organizations explore and celebrate cultures of other countries. You can watch and discuss Italian films, enjoy gourmet French meals, even play bocce. Examples of cultural clubs and organizations on campus:

Where to go in Rochester

Rochester has a rich cultural scene. From the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra to Water Street Music Hall, there are endless venues covering a broad spectrum of arts. Nazareth students get free or discounted admission to area museums, galleries, and concerts. Check out our map to view art, culture, and more around Nazareth. Contact the venues for more information.

Roy Stein
Kayla Sinclair '18 in Chile
Allen Shannon
Grant Richards performing in Cinderella

Meet Prof. Roy Stein

Roy Stein enhances student learning through his music industry connections, his own business and performing experience, and an on-campus record label.

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Did you know?

Rochester metro area ranks in the top 20 nationally for arts and culture, based on the large number of independent artists, people working in culture/arts/entertainment, demand for the arts, and government support. Read more ยป