College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

This College celebrates and supports the contemporary importance of the liberal arts and sciences with intentional integration with relevant professional degree programs. We offer a variety of individual and interdisciplinary undergraduate majors and graduate programs in the humanities, social and natural sciences, education, and business and leadership.

Teaching and Learning Goals

Students completing program curricula will:

  • Attain a disciplinary perspective in the liberal arts and sciences: i.e., define the content, the language, the discipline's mode of inquiry and the research methods of philosophy, the visual and performing arts, literature, the social and natural sciences, mathematics, history and religious studies.
  • Develop creative, analytical, quantitative, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Communicate effectively through critical reading, writing and oral presentation skills.
  • Develop and express an aesthetic sensibility.
  • Inspire and be inspired by a passion for intellectual engagement with people.
  • Be culturally competent and civically engaged global citizens.
  • Be challenged to articulate and live out consistent and responsible ethical beliefs.