COVID-19 Resources

Organizing Events & Reserving Space


Know the limits: Changes in New York State guidance allows increases in capacities for specific public events, in phases. At Nazareth, this will allow larger outdoor events and allow larger indoor events in a handful of specific indoor spaces on campus, as detailed below. These are the only spaces on campus affected by these new state guidelines; all other spaces continue to have pandemic capacities posted that reflect the maximum occupancy possible while maintaining proper social distance.

Event sizes are dependent on the COVID-19 alert level on campus. The COVID-19 Safety Policies such as wearing masks and maintaining six-foot distancing still apply, as do visitor policies — so these events are only for the Naz community, and attendees must register in advance for in-person events.

Exceptions: Athletics and arts and entertainment uses (see Q&A below) are exceptions to the following.

  • Starting March 22:
    • Indoors: Posted COVID room capacity or 100 people. At Nazareth, these indoor spaces are affected. Maximums include everyone in the room, which includes people onstage or staffing an event.
      • Golisano Training Center’s field house: 100 people
      • Golisano Training Center turf field: 100 people
      • Linehan Chapel in Golisano Academic Center: 100 people with a maximum of 71 in the audience
    • Outdoors: 200 people
  • Starting May 19:
    • Indoors: Posted COVID room capacity. State maximum is 250 people or fewer to maintain 6-foot distancing. At Nazareth, the indoor spaces that can have up to 250 are the Golisano Training Center’s field house and turf field.
    • Outdoors: Up to 500 people
  • As of April 2: 
    • Arts and entertainment venues can reopen with up to 100 people indoors and up to 200 people outdoors. (However, spaces such as Callahan Theater and Beston Hall are already committed and heavily in use as large classroom spaces during spring 2021.) More details to come.

Virtual events: Faculty and staff members can request Zoom Pro accounts for student leaders (to arrange virtual gatherings for multiple people) by contacting the Naz Technology & Media Service Desk (TMSD), 585-389-2111 or

Promote events: Enter in-person and virtual events that are open to students into 25Live: See and be sure to select yes for "promote to students." This is the only way to get events into calendars all across and into the Naz Mobile App.


For in-person events on campus:

  • All attendees must practice social distancing and wear a face covering.
  • The number of attendees may not violate state guidelines for the type of gathering.
  • Spring 2021 Event/Extracurricular Activity Locations lists both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor spaces are to be used as is. If you need chairs, tables, or disinfecting stations for your outdoor class or outdoor event, you can borrow them through the Shults Center Information Desk. Obtaining and setting up these items are the responsibility of the event/class organizers. All items must be disinfected before and after use. While outdoor venues are larger, outdoor events cannot surpass max capacity as outlined in these guidelines.
  • For indoor events, room capacities are set based on state guidance. Rooms must be used as is; do not move any furniture.
  • Any furniture used must be wiped down prior to and after the event. Supplies are available at the sanitation station in each location. 
  • Attendees may only be members of the Nazareth community (students, faculty, staff). Exceptions are made for guest lecturers/vendors — and those visitors must follow the Visitor policies.
  • Event attendees must register in advance. Organizers can use Eply, Eventbrite, Handshake, or Google forms (use the “form limiter” add-on to limit reservations to stay within the capacity limit; this YouTube video shows how) to ensure capacity is not exceeded. Walk-ins are welcome but also need to register for the event with the event host. Registrations support contact tracing.
  • All events with food (including requests for special dietary needs) and/or drink must be catered through Naz Dining catering services.
  • Spring 2021 Event/Extracurricular Activity Locations lists more than 30 locations (both indoors and outside) available for events.


For in-person events on campus, both indoors and outdoors:

  1. For any questions, please email Brian McGahan.
  2. Due to the pandemic: Fill out the Event Request: Spring 2021 form. Or, if your event is through a club or organization, fill out the Spring 2021Club & Organization Event Tracking Form. You will receive a response within 48 hours indicating whether your event has been approved. Exceptions: Academic classes that want to meet in an alternate location contact the Registrar's office. Any meetings with fewer than 10 attendees do not need to submit the event request form; instead go right to the 25Live space reservation process.
  3. If approved, be sure to reserve your campus location through 25Live.

25Live Space Reservation Process

Before you start, you can see location options: Spring 2021 Event Spaces.

  • Go to 25Live (always findable under Quicklinks) and sign in with your Naz username and password.
  • Select “See Available Locations.” (Or select “Create an event” and select the location later in the process.)
  • Under the blue “Select Existing Search,” select Spring 2021 Event Spaces to see indoor  and outdoor locations available to be reserved for events. The Forum and Colie’s Cafe have been converted into classroom spaces; these rooms can be requested when classes are not in session. The Forum and Colie’s have tablet arm chairs that may not be moved. Strict usage requirements will be in place.
  • Classrooms are available for academic use on a case-by-case basis. To select a classroom, choose either Classrooms-Seminar or Classrooms-Smart Room. 
  • Complete the room reservation and submit.
  • If denied, Campus Operations/Student Engagement will work with you to help identify alternative solutions.
  • For more guidance on using 25Live:


How will I sign up to attend events on campus?

Each in-person event will include a sign-up link.

What do I do if I want to go to an event the day that it is happening, and I have not registered?

Event organizers will have you register upon arrival, if capacity hasn’t been reached.

I'm an event organizer. How do I use 25Live to help get my event promoted to students in the Nazareth Mobile App and on the website event calendars? How do I edit or cancel my promoted event if needed, and be sure it disappears from calendars?

See the step-by-step guide:

Fill out my online form.