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FAQ: COVID-19 Cluster

  • After prompt isolation, contact tracing, and quarantine in response to a cluster of cases in the Nazareth campus community in early October (see October 9 email below), the number of cases slowed.
  • Any new cases are reported on the COVID-19 New Cases webpage.
  • See the latest update below for the latest Nazareth guidelines.
November 24 orange zone: Fitness facilities temporarily closed
November 12 update: state limit on home gatherings
November 10 update re. "yellow zone"
November 5 update
October 29 update
October 22 update
October 15 update
October 9 email to Naz community

After testing positive and completing isolation, could someone still be infectious? Do they need retesting?

  • Nazareth follows Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Monroe County Department of Health guidelines to ensure that anyone released from isolation is no longer infectious.
  • For more, the COVID-19 Cases webpage explains infectiousness in more detail.

What should I do if I’m concerned that I was recently exposed to someone who has just tested positive? Can I get tested?

Nazareth encourages and supports testing for all students, faculty, and staff with COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive during their infectious period. See the Testing webpage for the steps to follow.

Since the names are not shared of people who test positive, how would I know if I might have been exposed?

Nazareth immediately begins isolation, contact tracing, and quarantining people who were in close contact with anyone who tests positive. Contact tracing identifies, reaches out to, monitors, and supports individuals who may have been exposed to someone with the virus.

What else is being done to keep students, faculty, and staff safe?

College staff works with care and speed to guide affected individuals and their close contacts to quickly isolate/quarantine to contain and halt the spread of the virus.

The College works closely with the New York State and Monroe County health departments and follows all previously defined protocols and procedures outlined in our COVID-19 response plan. This includes extensive cleaning and sanitation of all affected areas, including public spaces and residence halls, by a specialized contractor. To maintain privacy, we will not specify these locations, nor individual’s identities.

Additional safety precautions on campus and off campus are outlined in the October 9 email to the Nazareth community above.

How is isolation and quarantine handled and does Nazareth have enough space?

Isolation and quarantine locations are separated from non-affected people. People in isolation and quarantine are monitored and receive academic and health and wellness support.

Nazareth has additional quarantine and isolation space off campus, as needed.

Are in-person classes still allowed?

Yes. No College-wide change has been made. The 10-person limit for on-campus gatherings does not apply to classes or course activities.

As always, faculty members will be in touch with students if there are any changes to specific classes.

While the residence hall kitchens are closed, can I use the microwave?


Lounges, kitchens, and other gathering areas in residence halls are closed as gathering places. Students continue to have access to the microwave, the sink (to wash dishes), and the bins to dispose of garbage and recycling. One person in the kitchen at a time; clean the microwave surfaces, sink handles, etc. after use.

Can I have guests/visitors in the residence hall?

These policies from the start of the semester, outlined on Residential Life During COVID-19, continue:

  • Up to 2 people who are not Nazareth students (such as family members) may visit a resident student in the residence hall or Dining Commons between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • In addition, students are strongly encouraged to limit the number of current Nazareth students visiting, to be able to maintain 6-foot physical distancing in your residence hall room, suite, or apartment. It is required that face coverings be worn by all students when any visitors/guests are in residence halls, including individual rooms.

In light of the off-campus social gathering policy, can I go visit my family? 

Yes. As always, follow public health guidelines — including mask wearing, distancing, and washing hands. Outdoor visits are safer than indoors. The CDC has helpful guidelines: Personal and Social Activities.

For the next 2 weeks, "no off-campus social gatherings" means no in-person gathering with other students whom you don't already live with.

Does the reduction in in-person office staffing include student workers, interns, and grad assistants?

Yes. Departments can work out remote work plans to enable work/internship/graduate assistantship opportunities to continue and to be sure all office needs are covered.

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