COVID-19 Resources


Quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. (By contrast, isolation separates someone who is infected with the virus, away from people who are not infected. For more about isolation, see Testing.)

Students, faculty, and staff may be required to quarantine either because:

Any of those situations would cause you to get a “red badge” result from Nazareth’s daily COVID-19 screening.

If you are spending more than 24 hours in a state with high community spread or traveling internationally within 14 days of otherwise expecting to be on campus, or if you get a “red badge” screening result, here are quarantine details.


During the fall semester

If you receive a “red badge” result from Nazareth’s daily screening, your results will guide you to contact Health and Counseling at 585-389-2500, or the state  Health Department COVID Hotline at 888-364-3065 after hours, to get guidance on next steps.

If you are required to quarantine or isolate:

  • Students who live on campus and can safely travel home (without using public transportation) will be asked to return home to complete your self-quarantine there; this conserves self-quarantine and isolation space on campus for students who live far away or would need to travel via public transportation to go home. If you are unable to quarantine or isolate at home, Residential Life will assist with quarantine at a hotel off campus or isolation in the Guest House on campus. 
  • Students who live off campus should plan to quarantine or isolate either at your permanent residence or off campus housing.

Students not experiencing major symptoms can continue to do coursework. Absences from class because of COVID-19 illness, quarantine, or self-isolation will be excused, and students will be permitted to make up the work if needed, without academic penalty.

If you are too sick to participate in classes remotely and do coursework, you should speak with a medical provider to discuss how your symptoms are impacting your ability to continue your courses, and a medical excuse may be provided, depending on your symptoms.

You will be cleared from quarantine/isolation by the Monroe County Department of Health. Nazareth alerts the state and local health departments of positive test results for COVID-19.

Before move-in, if you’re coming from an area from which quarantine is required

  • Based on New York’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory issued June 24, 2020, students who travel to campus after spending more than 24 hours recently in a state with high community spread (see list of restricted states) will be required to self-quarantine off campus for 14 days (from the time of your last contact within such designated state/states) before in-person participation in any on-campus activities (classes, dining, etc.). If you only travel through these states (spending less than 24 hours), the travel advisory does not apply. (The state requires a full 14-day quarantine, whether you have a COVID-19 test or not. Symptoms of COVID-19 can appear as late as 14 days after exposure, so a negative test cannot guarantee that you would not become sick.)
  • The CDC has issued similar guidance for students who have traveled internationally.

Dr. Meaghan Arena, Nazareth VP for Enrollment and Student Experience, emailed affected students to provide details about timing, options, and to ask for each student’s plans to complete the 14-day quarantine before moving into campus housing. See letter below.

July 14, 2020 letter from Dr. Arena

What will happen if my state is added after July 30th in relationship with quarantining at the hotel?

Nazareth is closely monitoring the list of states. When a new state is added,  students are contacted via email by a staff member in Student Experience with additional information of how to proceed and make arrangements to quarantine off campus. Students from all impacted states are required to complete a 14-day quarantine in New York before moving onto campus or attending class. Once classes begin Aug. 17, if students are still completing this required quarantine, staff will work with students to notify their professors.


  • Notify your manager or department chair that you are unable to come to campus. Human Resources will contact you to review your situation and discuss the next steps.
  • If you are able to work remotely, you will be asked to continue to do so during your period of quarantine or isolation. 
  • If you are unable to work due to becoming symptomatic, you may have leave time options available to you (employee sick time/short term disability or family sick/paid family leave). In addition, NYS has passed legislation providing paid COVID sick leave for employees who are to isolate or quarantine due to an order of quarantine issued by the State, Department of Health or local board of health. If you have been quarantined by a medical professional, you can request an order of quarantine from the state.
  • New York has issued a COVID-19 Travel Advisory on June 24, 2020 that requires you to quarantine if you travel to a state with high community spread (see list of restricted states). If you choose to travel to a location designated as a “hot spot” by New York State or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you are required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon your return. Employees who have travel plans to a “hot spot” need to confirm with their manager, department chair, or dean the ability to work from home during this required quarantine. If you are unable to work remotely during the quarantine period, you will need to use your vacation or personal time or this period will be unpaid.
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