COVID-19 Resources

Social Distancing


The college's spaces are adjusted to support social/physical distancing guidelines.

  • Classroom capacities have been reduced and desks distributed to provide 6-foot distancing.
  • Additional spaces have been redesigned and outfitted as academic spaces.
  • Entrances, exits, and stairways are being designed for "one-way" travel. See Building Access and Routes >
  • One person in an elevator at a time (unless you need a support person).
  • Small/confined areas may be restricted or closed.
  • Look for signage to guide you.

Dining: Students are encouraged to sit and eat with roommates from your "family unit," or with teammates or others from your immediate circle, since masks can't be worn while eating. Otherwise, sit at least 6 feet apart from others when eating. CDC recommends wearing a mask while dining except when actively eating or drinking. 

Campus tunnels: The tunnels are currently closed, except as needed by people with accessibility needs.

Students living on campus:

  • In residence halls, common spaces such as lounges are reconfigured.
  • For guidance on guests/visitors and social distancing, see Residential Life During COVID-19.


Health and safety guidelines and our student code of conduct don't end at the edge of campus. Please remind each other of the risks, realities, and prevention:

  • Keep any gatherings small. Larger events in violation of the most current health and safety guidelines and our student code of conduct could expose many people, lead to a significant number of cases, and force an early end to in-person athletics, in-person classes, and in-person experiential learning.
  • For the current gathering size protocols, see Campus COVID-19 Alert Levels.
  • The College's student code of conduct includes actions occurring off College property if they affect the security of the College community and if they demonstrate disregard for the rights of others or the discipline or general welfare of the College. Students may be sanctioned by the College for any conduct prohibited by any federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, and/or regulations and conduct that endangers the health or safety of any person.
  • We all need to follow Nazareth’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and Nazareth Community Pledge, as shared in the required training for all students, faculty, and staff.


What happens if someone on campus isn't social distancing?

Health and safety on campus is a team sport this semester! And our team is only effective with shared effort, understanding, and respect. The health and safety measures are to protect each other and enable the campus to remain open.

  • If someone is too close to another person, they may just need a friendly reminder.
  • You can use Nazareth's COVID-19 concern form to report COVID-19 health and safety compliance concerns, and the appropriate office will follow up. (Sufficient details need to be provided to be able to look into the concern.)

A refusal to follow health and safety guidelines would fall under the code of conduct/ethics.

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