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Visitors & Contractors

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Delivery drivers, drop-offs, pick-ups
Neighbors/community members (see details)
Family members coming for a flu shot

Beyond the exemptions above, the campus is only open to visitors by invitation/pre-approval.


  • Accepted students for spring 2021: To take a campus tour, see Admissions Visits & Events. If you have questions about campus, contact Admissions.
  • Prospective students: See FAQs for prospective students.
  • Visitors: Visitors need to be pre-approved, registered, and screened. The process depends on what type of visitor you are. See VISITORS section below.
  • Campus clinic clients/patients: For on-campus clinics this fall, use the register button below.


During the pandemic, New York State requires colleges to restrict visitors when possible and to keep visitor logs of those entering campus.

Definitions: For this policy, visitors are anyone who is not a Nazareth student, faculty, or staff member and not working on campus. Contractors are any individual, business, or organization not affiliated with Nazareth that is working on campus.

Visitors invited during 2020-21 are limited to:

  • Up to 2 guests from off campus (such as family members) of a resident student in the residence hall or Dining Commons between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. (No overnight guests are permitted.)
  • Up to 2 parent/guardian/relatives as guests of a student athlete attending a Nazareth home competition, invited by the student-athlete and registered through the team's guest list.
  • Up to two parent/guardian/relatives attending a solo senior recital (using the two steps below).
  • Guest lecturer for classes or events
  • York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute (YWRI) clients
  • Reading Clinic clients
  • Prospective students/families (register for an on-campus tour)
  • Job candidates
  • Weddings that have been previously scheduled (group registration)
  • Visiting sports teams and coaches/staff for athletic contests (group registration)

No other visitors are permitted. (See exceptions at the top of this page.)


1. In advance:

  • Individuals: Register (log your visit) and be pre-approved at least 24 hours in advance. You must fall in one of the bulleted categories listed above. Individuals who do not register before campus arrival will be asked to leave.


  • If you are part of a group (athletic team or wedding), your event host will collect attendee information through a spreadsheet and upload it to the visitor database.

2. The day of your visit: Two hours before your scheduled arrival time, Nazareth will email to you a link to our online COVID-19 visitor screening, to complete during that 2-hour window; if you don't see it, please check your spam folder. The questions are based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate coronavirus risk factors, to determine your eligibility to enter campus. 

How to register

  • Prospective students and families register on the Daily Visits webpage
  • If you are part of an event/group (such as a wedding or visiting sports team), your event host will collect attendee information through a spreadsheet and upload it to the visitor database.
  • Other invited visitors: Register online, including the campus location where you'll be, the date/time and duration, and the purpose of your visit:


What to expect after registering

  • Approved visitors receive a confirmation email. Plan to wear a face covering. 
  • Approved visitors receive Nazareth’s COVID screening visitor link via email 2 hours before your scheduled arrival; if you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. The screening takes just a few minutes and can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. The screening app is browser-based and will work on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices. 
  • Based on your response to the questions, you will immediately see your results in the form of a red or green badge with a QR code, date, and a unique (daily) reference number. Show the green badge or reference number for entry onto campus. If you receive a red badge, you are not permitted on campus.
  • Show your green badge:
    • At a kiosk (once per day) when you enter a building. Kiosk locations.
    • Exception: On Commencement days (May 14-15, 2021), you will be required to show your green badge and your ID at a welcome station upon entering campus.
  • The screening information you submit will only be accessible to restricted members of Campus Operations. Data will be stored securely in a non-identifiable format. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brian McGahan, 585-389-2324 or


Contractors who are working on campus during 2020-2021 must:

  • Provide Nazareth College with your COVID-19 Safety Plan. The safety plan will be collected by the Nazareth department that oversees your work and kept on file through the Controller's Office.
  • Fill out, print, and have on hand your pass, along with your face covering, when you enter campus.
  • A real-time spreadsheet of approved contractors (not including Sodexo, Barnes and Noble, Arc of Monroe, Victor Central School District and Toshiba) is kept by Campus Safety. The responsible department (which oversees the contractor on campus) is responsible for updating the spreadsheet daily.
  • Faculty and staff: If this is your first time inviting a Contractor to campus, please email Brian McGahan for access to edit the form. Contractors not on the daily spreadsheet will not be permitted to access campus grounds and will need to work directly with the responsible/sponsoring department for clearance.


If I'm dropping somebody off or picking up, do I have to register as a visitor?

No. Delivery (including dropping off or picking up someone on campus) is exempt from the screening requirement.

Fill out my online form.

What about alumni?

Regretfully, the library, fitness center, and worship services are not open to alumni currently.