Creative Arts Therapy Department

Student Research

Examples of Past Research Projects

Jane Adams: Comparing the Differences between Non-Structured and Structured Mandalas as a Tool for Reducing Anxiety in Elderly People with a Diagnosis of Dementia
James Albertson: An Investigation of Art Therapy with Juvenile Offenders in Tanzania, East Africa: A case study of one adolescent's Experience
Andrea Atherton: Walk in the Shadows: A Jungian Approach to Art Imagery
Jacob M. Atkinson: The Ability of Printmaking to Increase Psychological Well-Being in Art Therapy Clients
Amelia Bailey: Music’s Influence on Creative Expression: Examining the relational significance of music’s presence in art therapy
Jaime Balduf: Will Anxious Participants Engage More Easily in Art Therapy if Provided with an Action-Art Based Warm-Up Exercise?
Kathleen G. Baumann: My Father’s Quilt
Christie Becker: Images from the Unconscious: Issue on countertransference
Brian T. Berlinski: Are There Differences in the Developmental Art of Deaf Children and Hearing Children?
Valerie L. Berner: Characters on the Trail: How Appalachian Trail thru-hikers express their experiences

Many creative arts therapy students choose to present their projects at the Creative Activity and Research Showcase (CARS) at Nazareth.