Student Research

Examples of Research Projects

The effectiveness of guided imagery and fluid art-making in reducing anxiety in adults with ADHD
How alternative aggression as an adolescent affects women into adulthood
Mask-making as an art therapy intervention to increase self-awareness.
Tattoo Narratives, Healing, and Empowerment: An Arts-Based Self Study.
The impact of reminiscence through art making on the self-perceptions of middle-aged men.
Reducing anxiety through clay with college students
Does a pre-drawn mandala reduce anxiety more than a creative mandala?
Exploration of family dynamics and attachment through comparing the Bird's Nest Drawing (BND) and Kinetic Family Drawing (KFD)
The effect of art production on negative mood states and anxiety

Many creative arts therapy students choose to present their projects at the Creative Activity and Research Showcase (CARS) at Nazareth.