The Soldier's Tale

September 9, 2017 7:30 – 10 p.m. September 8 – September 9

Join us in kicking off our celebration of 50 years of the Nazareth College Arts Center with this special performance by accomplished students and faculty from the visual and performing arts departments. Enjoy an evening of music, theatre, dance, and art, and join us for an anniversary soiree in the sculpture garden after Friday’s show.

Famed composer Igor Stravinsky and Swiss writer C. F. Ramuz conceived The Soldier’s Tale as a work to be “read, played, and danced” on stage, although it is rarely performed in its entirety with all three components. Based on a Russian folktale, the piecetells the story of a soldier who trades his fiddle to the devil in exchange for unlimited economic gain, only to realize that his material wealth means nothing compared to the happiness—and talent—he’d given up.

Nazareth’s performance of The Soldier’s Tale (Patti Lewis Browne, stage director; Jared Chase, music director; Hettie Barnhill, choreographer) features a live septet of faculty musicians from Nazareth’s Music Department accompanying student actors and dancers from the Theatre and Dance Department. The work is performed against digital scenery created by a student from Nazareth’s Art Department.

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