Clinton Global Initiative University 2018-Project Development Workshop

March 23, 2018 2 – 3 p.m. March 6 – March 23

This Spring semester, Nazareth students have the opportunity to submit project applications-called a Commitment to Action- to Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). CGI U is President Clinton's initiative to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world for global social change. Nazareth College is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative University Network for 2017-2018. So, if you want to submit a project to CGI U 2018, attend this PROJECT DEVELOPMENT session at Naz where you can: brainstorm ideas, get support and mentoring towards developing your commitment to action,hear from other students about their projects, and prepare to complete your application to CGI U!

All workshops are in GAC 115.  Please RSVP if attending. 

Adam Lewandowski at or call (585)389-2307

Clinton Global Initiative University 2018-Project Development Workshop


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