Social Innovation Hack-A-Thon

February 16, 2018 1 – 5:30 p.m.

Learn How to Change the World from Social Innovators

Attend the Social Innovation Hack-A-Thon event where you can learn from innovators who are working to reduce poverty and increase public health by applying new ideas to community challenges.  This unique event mixes talks, workshops, and an interactive Hack-A-Thon competition where you apply your knowledge and skills to develop solutions for community challenges.

Discussions and workshops led by:

Joy Bergfalk, Executive Director of Project Empower/Coffee Connection

Joy created a model of employment that providessupport for women on the journey to sustainable recovery from addiction through employment training, job creation and sober support in and around Rochester, NY.


Moka Lantum, Managing Director, MicroClinic Technologies

Moka is a global health social entrepreneur and the 2020 MicroClinic Initiative promotes the practice of social entrepreneurship in global health while creating Social Innovation Hubs (SiHs) in rural Kenya. 


Dennis DeLeo, President and Director for the Venture Jobs Foundation

The Venture Jobs Foundation facilitates investments made to provide jobs creation in struggling neighborhoods.  Dennis’s work is focused on the revitalization of economically disadvantaged and working-class neighborhoods.


Workshops provided by Nazareth faculty focus on designing social innovations, incorporating community voice into your work, and goals setting and measuring your success.  Faculty include Dr. Jennifer Leigh, Dr. David Steitz, and Dr. Marie Watkins.

For more information or to reserve a spot please contact Adam Lewandowski at

Social Innovation Hack-A-Thon


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