Fright Fest - Ticket Sale

October 18, 2018 –
October 26, 2018 10 – 12 p.m.

It's a spooky time of year as zombies and ghouls take over the park. Enjoy a frightening evening of fun after the sun goes down. Fright Fest offers a wide variety of places to get your scare on including several haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park. The stuff of nightmares lurk around every corner as the dark of night washes over the park. The ghouls are set free for their daily hunting rituals. BEWARE! There is no place to hide!

**Ticket Code = Spooky**

Tickets will be available to purchase via the Eventbrite link at 10:00 p.m. on 10/18. The link to the sale will not work until then so make sure you're ready to purchase your ticket right then! Students may purchase one ticket and there are no refunds.

Tickets are $5 and include transportation to Darien Lake from the Shults Center. The bus will leave campus at 5:30pm on 10/27. Tickets will be given to attendees upon check-in at the Shults Center - must have your Nazareth College ID. All attendees must arrive and depart via the bus provided by Nazareth College. All tickets subject to applicable service charges and fees.

Fright Fest - Ticket Sale


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