Leadership Summit

April 29, 2019 7 – 8:30 p.m. March 18 – April 29

  • Library, Media B
  • Open to Nazareth Community Only
  • Attendance is Free

The Men's Lacrosse Coaching Staff will be holding a Leadership Summit every Monday night at 7:00 PM.

We will be interacting in regard to the topic of "Leadership" through a discussion based environment. We will do so through the means of our collective ideas, video, book excerpts, podcasts, etc. This is an opportunity to grow as a leader, share your beliefs on leadership, express your leadership experiences, and hopefully further your thinking on the value of a strong culture within your respective locker rooms. We also hope to align actions and behaviors with this thinking to grow as an individual as well as a team. We welcome and invite all athletes and encourage a blend of different sports, experiences, mentalities, and personalities.

Matthew Dalton;

Leadership Summit


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