ART413/CAT613 Sweden Study Abroad Information Session

October 9, 2019 4 – 5 p.m.

  • Smyth Hall, Room 200, Classroom
  • Open to Nazareth Staff Only
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If you are interested in art, psychology, and art therapy, we have a NEW undergraduate course, cross-listed with our graduate course:

ART 413/ CAT 613 Intercultural Issues in Creative Arts Therapy (Sweden study abroad).

  • a unique experience to study at an art therapy graduate school in Sweden: NIARTE Institute
  • learn a process-oriented approach to art therapy
  • over 20 hours of art therapy studio experience
  • gain an hands-on multicultural experience
  • create deeper relationships with professionals and peers

The course is scheduled for summer A, but ends in July in summer B. The class dates are: May 19 at Nazareth College, June 14-20 in Sweden, and July 17 at Nazareth.

For more, see theĀ Sweden short-term study abroad program page.

 ART413/CAT613 Sweden Study Abroad Information Session