Pottery Class at Flower City Arts Center Ticket Sale!

February 6, 2020 –
February 22, 2020 12 – 1:30 p.m.

Come join CAB at Flower City Arts Center for a two-hour class that includes one hour of wheel throwing, and one hour of hand sculpting. 

Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB)

  • Event Date: Saturday, February 22nd
  • Bus Leaves from Shults: 12:30
  • Approximate Return Time: 3:30pm
  • Class: 1-3pm
  • Tickets are $10 (plus fees) and include transportation and admission.
  • Provided transportation MUST be taken to and from the venue.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all College events and activities, including those that are off-campus.

Trip is for Naz students only. Individuals may purchase ONE ticket and may not buy a ticket for someone other than themselves. Duplicate purchases will automatically be refunded and continued abuse of this policy may result in losing the ability to participate in CAB-sponsored off-campus trips.

Questions: Email

Go into the Nazareth App to find the password for this event.

 Pottery Class at Flower City Arts Center Ticket Sale!