Sodexo Campus Services has enjoyed providing full facilities service to Nazareth College's students, faculty, staff, and administration employees since November 1993. Our responsibilities include maintenance, custodial, grounds services, construction project management, and programs support. Our goals are met through the combined efforts and teamwork of our employees, including housekeepers, maintenance workers, groundskeepers, and administrative personnel.

When you submit a work request to Facilities, indicate whether it's urgent, routine, or a project.

Urgent: involves a health or safety hazard, a power failure, or potential damage to property or equipment.

Routine: burned-out light bulbs, leaky faucets, key requests, etc. Scheduled in the order received. Completion time depends on the availability of the parts.

Project: a longer-term task. Might need additional approvals.

Set-up for rooms: Provide 5 days' advance notice. You can use the work request form, except for events in Shults Center, for which you should contact Brian McGahan585-389-2324.

Keys: All key requests must be submitted in writing with the department head's signature.


Building Maintenance