Celebrating the Class of 2022

We are proud of each of our graduates. Here are some #NazGrad22 highlights, including the lessons they are taking from their Nazareth experience.

Amazjah Grant ‘22G

    Grad degree: global business and leadership

    What's next: I will be using the skills and knowledge I learned from Nazareth in my leadership position as the manager of Blink Fitness Greece. I'm also a sales intern this summer at ADP. I will be moving to Philadelphia to start a new adventure in the fall.

    Looking forward to: "new experiences, as well as being able to gain new skills in the business environment. I am also excited to be able to network and meet new leaders."

    Lessons I take: "the importance of time management and perseverance in life. Being able to manage college and a full-time job wouldn't have worked if I didn't make amazing and unforgettable connections at Nazareth."

    Liam Frager ‘22

    Liam Frager ‘22

    Major: music composition, piano primary

    Minors: honors, music theory, music history

    What's next: Binghamton University for a master's in music composition

    Looking forward to: "opportunities for my music to be performed."

    Lessons I take from Naz: "It's more fun to be busy." :)

    Rebecca Ramnath '22

      Major: social work

      Minors: psychology and developing children and families

      What's next: Master of Social Work (advanced standing) program at Nazareth College this summer.

      Looking forward to: "being a social work intern at Strong Memorial Hospital in Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Endocrinology/Adolescent Medicine."
      Lessons I take: "The biggest lesson that I have learned is to continuously use my passions and skills to work towards my goals. I am truly grateful for this college experience as it has given me the opportunity to both recognize and practice my ability to empower and support others in every aspect. I strive to create an environment of belonging, allowing everyone to express themselves in their own unique ways, all while guiding them towards a path of achieving their goals and overcoming barriers to their life journey. I am proud to say that I have found my passion for social work in the field of health care, as I believe that this setting is a community of many people and professions that are all united for a common goal of health and wellness. This desire, along with my experiences have inspired me to pursue a career in medical social work."

      Mariana Cong ‘22

        Major: studio art

        Minor: social welfare

        What's next: master's degree in creative arts therapy at Nazareth College

        Looking forward to: "continuing my time here at Nazareth and having the opportunity to focus on my passion for art therapy!

        Lessons I take: "The biggest lesson I am taking away from my college experience is that you need to focus on your own personal growth and take care of yourself. College flies by so quickly. Slow down and explore everything you can while in undergrad!"

        Alyzah Ziga ‘22

          Major: legal studies

          Minors: Spanish and communications and media

          What's next: Syracuse College of Law

          Looking forward to: "starting fresh, creating more memories, and working towards my future career."

          Lesson: "It's very important to meet as many people as possible and create meaningful relationships!"

          Madeline Dovi ‘22

            Major: communication and media

            Minor: English

            What's next: Associate editor for the Daily Caller News Foundation in Washington, DC, in addition to reporting on the U.S. Justice Department.

            Looking forward to: "telling stories and truth seeking through my reporting. I want to tell the public the stories they not only need, but deserve."

            Lessons I take: "Chase every career opportunity, and have confidence in your skills. I've faced a fair share of rejection, but I also got my foot in the newsroom door by taking calculated risks and putting my nose to the grindstone. The worst anyone can ever say is no, and you'd be surprised at how often you'll get a yes. My second biggest lesson is to pursue a career you love, and money will follow. Work won't feel like a drag if you truly love what you do."

            Devon Platzer ‘20, ‘22G

              Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy

              What's next: "I plan to enter the workforce after passing the boards as either a pediatric physical therapist or an acute rehab physical therapist."

              What's exciting: "earning a living doing something I absolutely love. My next job is going to be the culmination of what I've been working for since I graduated high school. I'm really excited to work with an underserved population — either the pediatric population, patients with developmental disabilities, or patients with traumatic brain injuries. This is really important to me; as a physical therapist, I will be spending more time with these patients than a typical provider, and will therefore see changes in symptoms and behavior much sooner than a primary care physician. I want to be a resource for patients and their families — someone who brings the same passion to their care as they do. I'm looking forward to being that for the people who need it most."

              Lessons I take: "One of the most important things I learned is that if you don't stay true to who you are, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice. For parts of my graduate career, I thought I wasn't good enough because I did things differently than other students. I didn't study the same way or do as well on tests. I couldn't memorize muscles by pounding them into my head over and over again. I convinced myself that I wasn't as good as my classmates because I didn't measure up on written tests. I ignored the fact that I was still passing, that I had completed a year with a concussion, and that I made time to be creative and spend time with family. When you look back on it all, you're not going to remember the grade you got on your third anatomy exam; you're going to remember who you were as a person. The people you met. What you learned, and the moments that stuck with you."

              Leanna Restani ‘22

                Major: accounting

                Minors: analytics and psychology

                What's next: Hired at a company where she interned: The Bonadio Group, for its Rochester Tax Team.

                Feeling excited: "These past few months interning there have been an amazing experience and I can't wait to see how far we'll go together!"

                Lessons I take: "Always be prepared, but never expect the outcome. I like to make sure I have things in order — but things change on a whim, so I have to be prepared to know that things will change."

                Zachary Herbert ‘22

                Zachary Herbert ‘22

                Major: history, with teacher certification in adolescence inclusive education

                What's next: Hired in April to teach 8th-grade special education, Palmyra-Macedon School District. Planning to continue work as a teacher in the Rochester, New York, area.

                Looking forward to: "The biggest thing I am looking forward to is starting a career that Nazareth has made me so passionate about."

                Lesson: "The biggest lesson I am taking away from college is flexibility. Being able to have a flexible mindset will help you in so many aspects of your life from academics to social situations. Not being rigid and going with the flow opens up so many more opportunities for you."