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Fact Book Reports

Nazareth College Fact Books make frequently requested data available to students, faculty, staff, and others. Data is taken on the census day of each term (the 4th Monday of each term).

In 2015 the Fact Book was re-designed and expanded with new sections, new reports, a new look, glossary, updated Diversity Section, and our first Fast Fact Book summary. This new publication is a concise set of narrative reports for the most frequently requested data for the current term. Some sections of the new trended Fact Book are only available to Nazareth's students, faculty, and staff. 

For those with a personal Google account: If you are signed in to a personal Google account and click on a restricted report, you will be redirected to a page where Google will ask you to "Request Access" or "Switch Accounts."  Click on "Switch Accounts" and select your Nazareth Google account.

Fast Fact Book
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*Requires a Nazareth username and password to view.

If you do not see the information you need, have feedback, or need older data, please contact the director of Institutional Research.

Nicholas P. LaMendola

Nicholas P. LaMendola

Director of Institutional Research in Institutional Research and Assessment
Smyth Hall 181