Promoting transformative understanding through a Jewish lens.

About the Center

The Konar Center applies Jewish values and ethics to advance religious, cultural, and ethnic understanding through educational initiatives, civic engagement, and respectful alliances.

Judaism's rich legacy of social teaching and practice of tikkun olam (heal the world) seeks to counter injustice and inspire compassion. The activities of the Konar Center promote empathy and positive actions through Jewish multicultural perspectives, including those by Jews of Color, LGBTQ+ Jews, non-observant Jews, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews, Jews of different abilities, etc.

The Konar Center uses education and community building to help develop students' moral compass, leadership skills, and encourage their commitment to social justice advocacy. We provide opportunities for students to attend courses, workshops, educational trips, conferences, and study abroad programs to advance equity, social justice, civic responsibility, and religious pluralism. Special educational events are also held throughout the Greater Rochester area to present diverse learning platforms for local communities and to enrich our partnerships across the region. 

The Konar Center supports Jewish and non-Jewish students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Everyone is welcome!

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Beth Lilach, M.A.

Executive Director


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