Special Collections


The College Archives include the Sigillum yearbook collection, college catalogs and newsletters, The Gleaner newspaper, historical college records, memorabilia and much more.

Browsing Area

The Browsing Area near the Information Desk houses two popular collections. The McNaughton Collection is a subscription service that delivers new, popular fiction books that are usually not academic in nature, thus not added to our permanent collection. New Acquisitions are books that are recently acquired by the library, and are on display to highlight them due to current interest or availability. We also keep daily newspapers and some popular magazines in this area.


Children's Literature Room and Young Adult Collection

The children's literature room holds a substantial collection of fiction and non-fiction children's books. We have a shelf of movies (Kidflix) that are either children oriented, or based off of Children's books, A further special collection housed within the room is the Barbara Davis Holiday Collection. Barbara Davis, in addition to being Associate Library Director and Head of Reference for many years, was also an alumna, benefactor, mentor and teacher to generations of Nazareth students. Her donation of Christmas books makes up a sizeable portion of the holiday collection. The collection also includes books that represent a diverse range of holidays and celebrations. Our young adult fiction titles are shelved outside the children's literature room.

Courtney Autograph Collection

The Rosemary Courtney Autograph Collection, housed in the college Archives, includes a variety of autographs, letters and index cards collected by Rosemary Courtney '61 from various celebrities, writers and political figures.

Researchers interested in learning more about this collection should contact Deborah Janetos at djaneto1@naz.edu.

Institutional Repository

The Nazareth University Institutional Repository serves to digitally preserve and provide long-term access to the scholarly record of Nazareth University. Original works of scholarship by Nazareth faculty, staff and students, as well as items of historical interest from the University Archives, are added to the IR's digital collections on an ongoing basis.

Rare Book Room

The Rare Book Room houses books of exceptional value or limited holdings and availability.  Within this room there is a section devoted to Nazareth Faculty and Staff Publications, as well as the Courtney Collection and Journals (see above for the Rosemary Courtney Autograph Collection), and many other items of interest to local or college history.

Saint Jerome Window

The reading room itself sits under the grandeur of the Saint Jerome Window, which has great artistic and historical value. Within the reading room are several small collections devoted to the prominent 20th century writer after which they are named.

  1. Chesterton Collection -- English essayist and novelist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton.
  2. Belloc Collection -- Anglo-French author Hilaire Belloc, a close associate of Chesterton.
  3. Sitwells Collection -- English poets and critics, Edith, Osbert and Scheverell Sitwell.
  4. Baring Collection -- English dramatist, poet and novelist, Maurice Baring
Thomas Merton Room & Letters

The Thomas Merton Room houses a collection of books, tapes, videos and letters, focusing on and around the works of  Thomas Merton. Access to the Thomas Merton Letters are available by appointment.  

If this room is already in use, feel free to try one of our other study rooms, which are “first come-first serve”.

Merton Room