Nazareth's close-knit campus also offers students, faculty, and staff the advantages of a national campus by being part of the New American Colleges & Universities (NAC&U) — an academic consortium of 25 colleges and universities that collaborate to provide additional opportunities to enhance teaching and learning. Nazareth University strongly supports Nazareth student participation in unique student exchange opportunities.

Benefits to Students

Student Exchange Programs

  • Domestic Student Exchange: Spend one semester "studying away" at one of the other NAC&U campuses, taking advantage of the host campus' geographic location and expertise. The experience may include standard coursework, field study, internships or special projects. Among the opportunities are NAC&U Signature Experiences tailored to particular areas of study that include hands-on learning such as internships, currently in music business, publishing, civil rights, paleontology, meteorology, and geography. Talk to Nazareth's Kathy Hansen, Nazareth University policy limits NAC&U domestic student exchange experiences to one semester in length.
  • Study Abroad: International options include short-term, semester-, or year-long opportunities. Programs vary in structure, but many include opportunities for field study, guided travel opportunities, internships, and special projects. Check with Nazareth's Center for International Education for guidance.

Other opportunities

  • Online Courses: See the options through partner Acadeum and check with the Nazareth Registration & Records office to make sure course credit will transfer.
  • Student Excellence Awards for up to three seniors per year provide a cash prize and invite the winners to attend the NAC&U Summer Institute to receive their awards and present their work. Each member college can nominate one student. At Nazareth, contact Professor Keith Koster,
  • Present in Washington, D.C.: Students from NAC&U campuses have presented Congressional Briefings, National Press Club Briefings and at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting. For more, talk to Nazareth's NAC&U representatives, listed below.

Benefits to Faculty/Administrators

  • Collaborate across institutions.
  • NAC&U's Collaboration, Growth and Innovation (CGI) Grant Program provides grants of up to $5,000 to facilitate, enhance, and broaden connections across member institutions in teaching, service, research, and scholarship.
  • NAC&U Summer Institute provides opportunities for professional development, discussion of issues common to our member institutions, and networking.
  • Share and learn through monthly conference calls for faculty, staff, and administrators. Dates and topics.


For more information, contact Nazareth's faculty ambassadors to NAC&U:

Advancing Learning Through Collaboration

Congratulations to Cathy Rasmussen & Ellen Contopidis — two Naz professors/leaders in education and health and human services — who received a $4,000 NAC&U grant to expand and improve students' preparation for careers that require collaboration across specialties. These Nazareth faculty members will collaborate with two University of Evansville physician assistant science profs to advance interprofessional education for students. This was one of three Collaboration, Growth and Innovation grants awarded by NAC&U.