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Portfolio at Nazareth was launched in fall 2013. Students are required to create a professional electronic portfolio as part of their academic program. All undergraduate students create a Core Portfolio and some academic programs require students to create program portfolios. Currently, students use two different platforms for e-portfolios: Chalk and Wire and Google Sites. 

We recommend using Google Drive to store your files. Not only is cloud storage a safe way to back up your files and make them accessible anywhere with internet access - it is easy to incorporate items from Google Drive into your portfolio. Learn how to use Google Drive here

For some portfolio assignments, you may need to scan in documents or use a camcorder or digital camera. Scanners and media equipment are available in the lower level of the library. For additional information: Technology and Media Service Desk.

More information about the Core

Core Portfolio Q&A

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Chalk and Wire Q & A

How do I log in/request my password?
How do I change my password?
Which programs use Chalk and Wire for portfolios?
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Information for Faculty

Help for Core and Program Portfolios

Google Sites Program Portfolio Information

Music Education (Undergraduate)
Psychology (Undergraduate)
Social Work (Undergraduate)


  • Contact Alicia Collins at acolli63@naz.edu or 585-389-2633 with questions or help with technical support issues. Alicia is available for in person help in Smyth Hall room 182D.
  • Contact Dr. Rachel Bailey Jones, Director of the Core Curriculum, at rjones3@naz.edu or 585-389-5139 if you have questions about the Core.


In-Class Demonstrations

Faculty: Alicia Collins is available to give a customized introduction to the core or program portfolio in your class. Contact Alicia Collins at acolli63@naz.edu or 585-389-2633 for details.