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COVID-19 Cases

Nazareth maintains this page to inform the Nazareth community about lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases within the past 14 days for Nazareth students, faculty, and staff who've been on campus.

No identifying information will be shared about a person who tests positive for COVID-19, to comply with federal health privacy regulations. Any individuals who've had a risk of exposure by meeting the criteria for close contact (explained below) will be contacted directly through contact tracing.

IN THE PAST 14 DAYS (as of Sept. 29)

Active Cases: 3

Lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 cases; they are in isolation.

Recovered Cases: 2

No longer infectious; they have been released from isolation by the health department.


What about the state's new COVID-19 college tracker website, launched the week of September 21?

New York state has now mandated a specific reporting protocol for all colleges that includes showing data for fixed, consecutive 14-day periods. The state guidelines include cases for students and employees who were on campus during any part of the semester, even if they were not on campus during their potential period of contagion.

Nazareth is in the process of evolving this College webpage to match those new guidelines, so in the interim there may be differences from the state's COVID-19 tracker webpage for Nazareth College. The discrepancies are a result of our previous reporting periods reflecting a rolling, not fixed, 14-day window and a case count of individuals who were on campus during their period of potential contagion.

Like other colleges across the country, we continue to fine-tune our reporting to align with government requirements and to meet the goal of providing our Nazareth community with helpful data and information to determine and understand the level of risk on campus.

Why is this page showing a rolling 14-day period?

This page is currently showing positive cases within the past 14 days. That was put in place in early September due to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 100-case threshold for in-person instruction at colleges, which is based on positive cases reported within 14 days.

How many cases of COVID-19 would close the Nazareth campus to in-person learning, in light of the governor's new guidance?

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued guidance August 27 for mitigation actions that colleges must take if the infection rate rises above certain levels. The threshold he set for a 2-week period is 100 positive COVID-19 cases, or 5% of the students, staff, and faculty on campus, whichever is less. For Nazareth, the threshold is 100. 

If 100 positive tests occur in a 14-day period, the state would require the College for 2 weeks to use all-virtual classes, suspend in-person student activities, and convert on-campus food to take-out or delivery only. Then the College would re-assess with the local health department.

In addition, for any needs to restrict or suspend campus operations, Nazareth also continues to monitor multiple measures of community and campus criteria, including:

  • significant government action by the governor or other public health officials,
  • an increase in number and trends of COVID-19-related cases in the larger Rochester community or on campus,
  • number and trends of COVID-19-related local hospital admissions and available hospital beds, 
  • student quarantine and isolation space availability, and 
  • testing capacity on and off campus.

Is Nazareth changing/tightening protocols based on recent positive cases?

All indications show that our protocols are working effectively. Nazareth’s Pandemic Response Team meets regularly to comb through every element and make adaptations as needed. It is most important for our community to remain vigilant. 

The risk of COVID-19 is present here on campus and in our larger communities. The best thing individuals can do to mitigate the risk of exposure is to minimize the potential for close contact — this means consistently wearing a face covering, physical distancing, and avoiding large group gatherings. The College’s comprehensive set of protocols and guidelines provide a strong basis for safety; those measures, alone, will not guarantee protection. Ultimately, it requires the individual responsibility of each member of this community to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and keep our collective Nazareth community healthy.

How frequently is this webpage updated?

The page is updated each weekday morning, Monday through Friday. Any lab-confirmed new cases or recovered cases on a weekend would be captured on the next business day's count.

I’m worried I was exposed. Will you report who has COVID-19 and exactly where on campus anyone with COVID-19 was?

If you had a risk of exposure, you will be notified personally through contact tracing. People who were in close contact with someone with laboratory-confirmed or probable COVID-19 will be contacted directly.

Close contact is defined as meeting all 4 criteria:

  1. either you or the other person was not wearing a mask, and
  2. in contact for 15 minutes or more, and
  3. within 6 feet, and
  4. exposure occurred within the time when COVID-19 is contagious, which is:
  • from two days before symptoms began until 10 days have passed and the person is symptom-free for 24 hours
  • or, if the person had no symptoms, then from two days before the positive test until 10 days after the test

Nazareth and the Monroe County Health Department are involved in contact tracing. 

Health privacy regulations don’t allow any identifying information to be shared about a person who tests positive for COVID-19. Due to the small size of the Nazareth community and the risk that details about a person’s role can start to identify a person, the College is releasing the count of cases.

What should I do if I'm a Nazareth faculty, staff, or student, and I test positive?

Please see the detailed answer on the Testing webpage.

What happens when someone who’s been on campus tests positive?

Any individual who has tested positive needs to isolate.

Anyone believed to be at risk for exposure — based on the definition of close contact (provided above) — will be personally contacted, asked to self-quarantine, and guided on next steps.

In addition to the isolation and contact tracing steps, steps taken on campus include:

  • Health and Counseling and/or Campus Safety will notify Facilities of an exposure, and help determine areas on campus that need to be cleaned. 
  • Affected rooms will be cleaned and disinfected within 24 hours and then need to be vacant for 2 hours after disinfection. Cleaning specialists will wear specialized first-responder equipment that may include headgear/face masks, gowns/gloves, and foot coverings.

This flowchart shows the steps that the student, the College, and Monroe County Health Department each take if a student has symptoms, a possible exposure, receives a positive test result, or has concerns related to COVID-19.

What should I do if I think I might have symptoms of COVID-19?

Also see Testing.

Anyone can take an online assessment from the state Health Department that helps guide you to any next steps needed.

What can I do to protect my health and avoid COVID-19?

How does Nazareth get this data?

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