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How will classes happen safely this fall?

Nazareth is evaluating all classrooms and learning spaces on campus, drawing on faculty expertise for the best format to present each course, and finalizing plans to meet state health and safety guidelines, including those for social distancing. We anticipate there will be a combination of instructional methods including in person, online (synchronous and asynchronous), and hybrid (partially in person and partially online. We are required to have all of our plans approved by New York State, and we look forward to sharing all of the details soon.

Will I be able to do experiential learning?

Community-engaged learning will continue as we develop programs to provide internships and learning experiences in novel ways that minimize risk and maximize the student experience. We will have both in-person and virtual opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning, as well as work with international partners and student groups. The goal is to continue as many of Nazareth's experiential learning pathways as can be offered given state health and safety guidelines, while also identifying new protocols and alternative modes of delivery where possible.

Will study groups or group projects be discouraged or limited this fall? 

In-person student gatherings will be permitted, but participants will need to follow health and safety guidelines, which include social distancing and wearing masks. Nazareth will continue to provide students with access to virtual meeting technology. Academic support is also available through the Center for Student Success.

What if New York requires a quarantine in August for traveling from my state?

On June 24, Governor Cuomo’s office announced a legally-binding travel advisory that requires a 14-day quarantine for individuals arriving from states with significant community spread of COVID-19. Nazareth will provide academic accommodations for students who need to isolate or quarantine, and is in the process of planning those details.

My family has had a trip planned for the last week in August, since they assumed I wouldn’t be in school, but now classes start Aug. 17. What should I do?

We are sorry the College's new start date of August 17 conflicts with your family's vacation plans. Nazareth is committed to keeping you safe on campus this fall, and we determined the best way to help do that is by starting earlier so we are done at Thanksgiving.  If you anticipate a challenge in participating in courses due to the August 17 start date, you should contact your instructors to discuss the situation and develop a solution.


How will campus activities be held this fall? 

Our Student Activities staff, student clubs and organizations, and residential life staff will offer engaging in-person and virtual student activities, events, and opportunities for connecting. See the Student Activities webpages >

Will Nazareth athletic teams practice and play this fall?

Nazareth and our athletics conference are planning for fall sports, working closely with NCAA and state and local authorities. We look forward to sharing more details with you as soon as they are known. Move-in for fall student-athletes is scheduled for August 11.

Will families be permitted to attend athletic competitions, student music recitals, theatre or dance performances, student presentations on campus this fall?

Yes, with new guidelines to come for RSVPs and subject to health and safety restrictions.

Will students be permitted to leave campus for entertainment, dining out, or shopping?

Students are free to leave campus — with strong encouragement (like all members of the Naz community) to wear face coverings and practice social distancing and good hygiene in any public place or off-campus gathering.

Are students who live on campus permitted to go home on the weekends to visit family?

We strongly encourage students to stay on campus on the weekends, as many social events, celebrations, and extra-curricular activities are often held during this time. Students who go home often miss out on these opportunities, which can impede their ability to form and strengthen friendships and connections with the Nazareth community. Additionally, during the pandemic, it’s important to limit travel outside of the Rochester area as much as possible. With this being said, we do realize how important it is for students to see their families for family events (birthdays, etc), and recommend that students take health precautions when traveling home. If you are ill with respiratory symptoms, prior to your trip home, please contact Nazareth Health Services at 585-389-2500 to discuss risks of traveling home and exposing others.

My daughter was planning to commute in the fall but would like to now stay on campus due to COVID  concerns, since she has at-risk family members. Can she change her selection?

Our Residential Life staff will be happy to respond to individual inquiries.

Will students be required to wear masks? 

Statewide health and safety guidelines will be in effect on campus. Students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear face coverings on campus this fall when near other people — excluding roommate(s), per state guidelines that consider roommates part of a family unit. Nazareth will provide face coverings. We will share detailed safety protocols soon via email and on our Face Coverings webpages.

What’s the best way to stay healthy while living and/or taking classes on campus?

Get regular adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water everyday, get regular exercise, manage your time, practice stress-management techniques, and monitor for symptoms of illness. Reach out for support as needed, to Health and Counseling, the Center for Student Success, and other student services listed on the Current Students page. If you’re living on campus, pack recommended health supplies: What to Bring >

During Summer B, can students use facilities on campus, such as the library or computer labs to print course materials, or use the gym or athletic facilities? 

Currently the campus is restricted to essential personnel only, per New York State requirements. We anticipate fitness, library, and computer labs being available to students in August, pending state approval. (Also see next question.) Plans are being finalized for the campus bookstore, getting your mail, and more.

During the fall semester, will the Golisano Training Center be open?

Yes, subject to state approval, all parts of the GTC will be open and available for use by Nazareth students, faculty, and staff with some limitations. The building's hours will be shortened. The Fitness Center will begin with a 10-person maximum capacity at the start of the fall semester and will increase the limit in phases. Students, faculty, and staff will reserve a time slot through an online scheduling system; the link to reserve workout times will be posted on the Golisano Training Center website when available.

How is dining going to work?

Naz Dining is working on fall plans that promote health and safety while maintaining quality, variety, and flavor. The menu design and operations will focus on providing social distancing in our dining room and food service areas. The Dining Commons will offer both dine-in and take-out options. In place of self-serve food stations, employees will serve food in ways that allow for efficient flow through the Dining Commons. Retail locations on campus will likely have mobile ordering and delivery options, with limited dine-in areas.

Will Nazareth host a Family Weekend this fall? 

Student Activities is planning many things to keep students engaged this fall on campus, but to keep students and families safe, we're not hosting Family Weekend this year.


What health and safety measures is Nazareth taking for the fall semester?

Nazareth has realigned cleaning schedules to clean and disinfect high-touch items in public areas (door handles, railings, buttons, etc) 5-10 times per day, 7 days a week. The College has purchased thousands of gallons of disinfecting cleaning solution and 4,000 individual-sized bottles of hand sanitizer — enough for every member of the college community, and refillable on campus. Over 200 disinfecting/sanitation stations are being strategically placed around campus. Touchless faucets are being installed in bathrooms. Acrylic barriers are being placed where social distancing cannot be observed. Classroom capacities and furniture layouts have been adjusted to provide 6-foot distancing. Additional spaces have been redesigned and outfitted as academic spaces. Entrances, exits, and stairways are being designed for "one-way" travel, and signage will guide people. Read more about health and safety details >

What’s the best way to stay healthy while living and/or taking classes on campus?

Get regular adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water everyday, get regular exercise, manage your time, practice stress-management techniques, and monitor for symptoms of illness. If you’re living on campus, pack recommended health supplies: What to Bring >

What are the guidelines for students with preexisting conditions? 

Students with underlying conditions that add risk are encouraged to:

  • Complete your confidential online health history through the Naz Student Health Portal, and include any information related to your condition(s), as well as medications you take to manage your condition. All private health information is kept in a secure electronic medical record system, and it may only be shared upon your written approval.
  • In the portal, make sure your immunization record is up-to-date, manually enter the dates, and upload a copy of your official immunization record.
  • If you are interested in specific housing for those with underlying health concerns, complete the special accommodation housing form. Also, read more about special accommodations» 
  • Get a flu shot this fall. Free flu clinics will be offered on campus in conjunction with Wegmans Pharmacy; dates are listed on the Naz Health Services webpage.
  • You are invited to discuss your concerns with a member of our health team and can schedule a virtual appointment by calling 585-389-2500 during regular business hours, or email
  • Nazareth will provide academic accommodations for students with preexisting conditions or who need to isolate or quarantine.

Will there be COVID testing and screening for students and employees? 

Nazareth College’s screening and testing approach will be based on the latest guidance from county health officials, local testing sites, and partners, as well as the guidelines on screening and testing for college populations from the American College Health Association and from New York state

Protocols are being developed to screen students and employees daily for health symptoms and to direct anyone with symptoms to specific next steps, including COVID-19 testing. More details to come.
Currently, testing is advised by health officials (and covered by insurance) only for people with COVID-19 symptoms. Based on the latest guidelines and information on testing availability in the region, at this time Nazareth College does not plan to require mass testing upon arrival on campus. For now, we will encourage and support testing for any employees and students who display symptoms, and continue to monitor emerging recommendations of health officials, adjusting our protocols as appropriate. 

What happens if someone gets COVID-19?

Nazareth is finalizing comprehensive plans about where students who have been exposed to, or are infected with, COVID-19 will stay and how daily needs (such as food, medication and supplies) will be met during any necessary period of quarantine or isolation. Living spaces on and off-campus are being evaluated. Please check back for more information soon.

For any case positively identified, appropriate communications as guided by the Monroe County Department of Health will occur.

The College has made arrangements for isolating students (those who test positive for COVID-19) if needed. Protocols are in place for cleaning on-campus residences of affected students, work spaces of affected employees, and public areas of the College. Administrators will work with faculty to make accommodations for extended student absences.

Will Nazareth have contact tracers on campus and a place to house people who need to quarantine who can then attend classes (remotely)? 

Our health and safety committee is finalizing all of the important and specific plans for contact tracing and quarantine/isolation — and more. We will be sharing all of the plans in a series of emails and on our Return to Campus webpages this summer.

How will social distancing be accommodated in the residence halls? 

Based on the latest CDC recommendations and in consultation with Campus Safety and Student Health Services, we are crafting a set of community guidelines that will help our residents live together safely and comfortably. To implement social distancing best practices in our residence halls, we will be reducing density by reconfiguring common spaces with lounge furniture to allow for space to appropriately social distance. Additionally, traffic flow of building entrances is currently being evaluated.

Do you offer the seasonal flu vaccine on campus?

Yes, we have four flu shot clinics scheduled in September and October. The dates are listed on the Naz Health Services webpage.

Financial Matters (for students)

When do I get my tuition bill?

Fall 2020 bills will be available July 13 on NazNet Self-Service to all registered undergraduate and graduate students. For more information, see Student Accounts.

How can I get more information about financial aid?

What's the status of the CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund?

Nazareth received funding from the CARES Act to assist students who were affected financially due to the disruption of campus operations. Our students received these emergency funds because they met a set of criteria based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Education. 

Students who were eligible were notified by email June 5 from Nazareth's Financial Aid office.If you have questions about eligibility, contact Financial Aid, Grant awards have been processed. If you were notified that you are eligible but don't receive the funds by July 10, 2020, please contact Student Accounts,

For more information, download the CARES Act Summary.

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