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Health, Wellness, & Prevention

As part of a multilayered approach to safeguarding the health and safety of our students and community, these changes are being planned and implemented:


Face coverings will be required on campus. Nazareth will provide face masks for everyone on campus and provide additional protective equipment for employees in specialized settings.

Face covering details


The College is committed to exceeding state and federal sanitation and disinfection guidelines, including cleaning high-touch items in public areas 5-10 times per day, 7 days a week.

Cleaning & protection details


The college's buildings are being adjusted to support social/physical distancing guidelines.

  • Classroom capacities have been reduced and desks distributed to provide 6-foot distancing.
  • Additional spaces have been redesigned and outfitted as academic spaces.
  • Entrances, exits, and stairways are being designed for "one-way" travel.
  • In residence halls, common spaces will be reconfigured with lounge furniture to support social distancing.
  • Small/confined areas are being evaluated for safety and may be restricted or closed.
  • Significant signage is being developed to guide people.

The campus tunnels are closed.


Protocols are being put in place to screen students and employees daily — for any recent COVID-19 symptoms, any recent positive COVID-19 test, and/or any recent close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case — and to direct anyone with symptoms to specific next steps, including COVID-19 testing. Visitors also will be screened.


Nazareth College's screening and testing approach will be based on the latest guidance from county health officials, local testing sites, and partners, as well as the guidelines on testing for college populations from the American College Health Association and from New York state.

Currently testing is only advised (and only covered by insurance) for people with COVID-19 symptoms. Based on all of the guidelines and on the latest information on testing availability in the area, at this time Nazareth College does not plan to require mass testing upon arrival on campus. Nazareth will encourage and support testing for any employees and students who display symptoms. We are in frequent contact with partners for the latest updates and will adjust our protocols as appropriate.


  • Any student who feels unwell: Contact Nazareth Health and Counseling. More details will be provided on its webpages by the fall semester.
  • Any employee who feels unwell: Contact your health care provider. For work-related information, see Human Resources' Coronavirus webpage.
  • Symptomatic individuals will be tested and will quarantine until cleared to come back to campus or resume on campus activities.
  • Positive cases: People who test positive will be required to isolate. Non-residential students and all faculty and staff are to isolate at home. College officials will maintain regular contact and provide academic, physical and emotional supports as needed. Residential students may choose to go home or will isolate in space designated by the College. Health and Counseling and Residential Life staff will maintain regular contact and provide academic, physical, and emotional supports as needed.
  • Appropriate communications as guided by the Monroe County Department of Health will occur. Protocols are in place for deep cleaning on-campus residences of affected students, work spaces of affected employees, and public areas of the College.
  • Accommodations: Administrators will work with faculty to make accommodations for extended student absences.


The College is working with the Monroe County Health Department and will support the agency, as needed, to implement robust processes to trace and contact relevant parties who may have been exposed to quickly mitigate potential spread of COVID-19. College staff have participated in the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Contact Tracing program.

Confidentiality will be maintained, as required by federal and state law and regulations.


Nazareth is evaluating on-campus and off-campus options and finalizing comprehensive plans about where students who are exposed to, or infected with, COVID-19 will stay and how daily needs (such as food and medication) will be met during any necessary period of quarantine or isolation.

Absences from class because of COVID-19 illness, quarantine, or self-isolation will be excused, and students will be permitted to make up the work without academic penalty.

Based on the Tri-State COVID-19 Travel Advisory issued June 24, 2020, students who travel to campus from one of the identified states with high community spread will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to in-person participation in any on-campus activities (classes, dining, etc.). The College will comply with any updates or changes to this order as well as new directives that may be issued and will work with impacted students to develop a plan.


Nazareth will share and reinforce information about protective personal hygiene practices, such as these tips on How to Protect Yourself & Others from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Entrances, exits, and stairways in campus buildings are being designed for "one-way" travel to support 6-foot distancing guidelines.


To reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, follow public health guidelines, including: Stay home when sick, practice frequent personal hygiene (including washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds), wear a face covering when within 6 feet of another person, cover your coughs and sneezes, limit time interacting in person with others, and choose outdoor interactions rather than indoors when possible and practical.

Early Warning Signs

Nazareth will monitor campus metrics and regional metrics for any early warning signs of positive cases increasing and work in close partnership with the Monroe County Health Department and local health partners to assess the need to adjust strategies or curtail or suspend on-campus instruction or work.

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