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Face Coverings


    Wearing a face covering is one measure to help prevent individuals who may be infected with COVID-19 but not exhibiting symptoms from spreading the virus to others. 

    What to do

    • All Nazareth students, faculty, and staff who are on campus and in the presence of others, shall be provided and are expected to wear face coverings. The only exceptions:
      • students in your own residence hall room, suite, or apartment, with or without your own roommate; people who live together are considered a family unit under state and federal health guidelines
      • staff and faculty working in your own private office or enclosed work station.
      • while eating or drinking (seated) in a classroom or dining facility
    • Face coverings also must be worn by all contractors, temporary/contracted employees, and visitors
    • All faculty are also provided, and encouraged to wear, a face shield to offer another layer of protection and barrier as well as to provide a face covering more conducive to presenting in a classroom. (The face shields are non-medical grade; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines continue to limit medical grade face shields, as well as N-95 respirators and other protective equipment, to medical workers.) See more details in the FAQ below.
    • Faculty and staff who are unable to wear face coverings should contact Human Resources,
    • Need a "mask break" during a long day on campus (especially if you are a commuter student or have back-to-back classes)? Please find an open outdoor area where you can maintain 15 feet of distance between you and others.

     What to know

    • Nazareth will provide one face covering — a surgical mask — per day for each member of the Nazareth community. Mask are available at welcome stations where commuters, faculty, and staff must stop when arriving on campus. Masks are available through Residential Life and other offices for students living on campus. See the list of locations below.
    • Individuals can elect to provide and wear their own cloth face covering, as long as the face covering is in line with the Centers for Disease Control guidance
    • Definition: “Face coverings” include cloth (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and N-95 respirators. If face shields (which also cover the eyes) are worn, they should be combined with a mask (which fits snugly to cover the nose and mouth). 
    • The Nazareth health & safety training provides information to all students, faculty, and staff on protective equipment distribution and proper use, removal, care and disposal. Those details are also below.

    Face Covering FAQs

    Where can I get a face covering?

    • Campus Screening & Welcome Stations are the main distribution points for face coverings (surgical masks) and other protective equipment and supplies, such as face shields, hand sanitizer, and vinyl gloves, for faculty, staff, and students entering campus.
    • Residential Life can provide surgical masks and cloth face coverings.
    • Campus Safety is the around-the-clock distribution point for face coverings and other protective equipment and supplies, including after hours and weekends.  
    • The following student offices/locations can provide face coverings (surgical masks):  
      • Admissions House
      • Golisano Academic Center: Student Accessibility Services, Life Prep, Center for International Education, Center for Life’s work, Center for Spirituality, Civic Engagement, Alumni Relations, School of Education, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Konar Center, English, Arts and Sciences.
      • Peckham Hall: Math Department
      • Smyth Hall: School of Business and Leadership, Community and Belonging, Academic Affairs, Finance, Registrar, Payroll, Academic Advisement, Veterans Affairs, Student Success, Accounts Payable, Financial Aid, Campus Operations, Nursing, President’s Office.
      • Shults Center: Central Mail Services, Campus Safety, Information Desk, Athletics, Student Engagement, Suite 100 (Title IX, Campus Safety, Enrollment and Student Experience). 
      • Wilmot Library: Technology and Media Services Desk, Circulation Desk.
      • York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute: Physical Therapy, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Health and Human Services.
      • Arts Center: Art and Design, Operations, Box Office, Music.

    Face coverings also are available at these locations:     

    • Golisano Academic Center: Sorelle’s
    • Golisano Training Center: main door check-in kiosk
    • Lourdes/Medaille:  Dining Commons (main entrance)
    • Peckham:  Sanitation station (in the main lobby)
    • YWRI: main information desk (ground floor)

    Where are face coverings required on campus?

    Nazareth requires students, faculty, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings at all times when in the presence of others, except for the exceptions noted above. 

    What do I do with my face covering after I've worn it?

    From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

    • To remove it, handle it only by the ear loops or ties; avoid touching the surface of the mask. Fold the outside corners together. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your face covering, and wash hands immediately after removing.
    • Disposable masks go in the regular trash.
    • Cloth face coverings: Wash regularly.

    What happens if someone on campus isn't wearing a mask?

    Health and safety on campus is a team sport this semester! And our team is only effective with shared effort, understanding, and respect. The health and safety measures are to protect each other and enable the campus to remain open.

    • If someone has forgotten a face covering or doesn't have it over their nose and mouth, they may just need a friendly reminder. Our student health ambassadors and resident assistants (RAs) also are on the lookout.
    • You can use Nazareth's COVID-19 concern form to report COVID-19 health and safety compliance concerns, and the appropriate office will follow up. (Sufficient details need to be provided to be able to look into the concern.)

    A refusal to wear a mask would fall under the code of conduct/ethics.

    Nazareth is providing masks at campus welcome stations (for commuters, faculty, staff, and registered visitors), through Residential Life (for students living on campus), and at many other locations, listed above.

    Can faculty wear a face shield instead of a mask, when teaching in person?

    Generally yes, but it depends on the context. The state guidance calls for social distancing or a face covering. Nazareth is requiring both physical distancing and a face covering in class. The choice between a face covering or a face shield, or both, can be up to the faculty member, depending on what you're doing. If you're standing right next to any student and talking at greater length, a face shield may not be sufficient and a mask should be worn as well.

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