School of Education

Graduate Practicum
(Additional or Changing Certification)

Graduate practicum is the culminating clinical experience for all teacher candidates who currently hold a teaching certification and are seeking to change or  add an additional certification.  Those teacher candidates who are anticipating completing their practicum clinical experience within the next year should review the following information below carefully.


  • All Graduate Practicum Applications are due approximately one year prior to your practicum clinical experience.  For those completing practicum in the
    • Fall: applications are due November 1st
    • Spring: applications are due March 1st
    • Summer A or Summer B: applications are due November 1st
  • Before completing your application, please carefully read The Graduate Practicum Information Packet.
  • After reading The Graduate Practicum Information Packet, complete the corresponding Graduate Practicum Application. ALL documents must be completed and submitted digitally to If you fill out the application by hand, it must be sent as a PDF.  Please remember to save the PDF with your last name, first name - graduate practicum application. Pictures taken on your phone will not be accepted.
  • Remember all student teaching and practicum applications require a resume that is in the preferred School of Education Format. Please visit The Center for Life's Work for help building your resume and for samples of resumes in the preferred School of Education format.





Graduate Practicum Program Areas

Inclusive Adolescence
Inclusive Childhood
Inclusive Early Childhood

Placement information is subject to change. Refer the program director and/or your academic supervisor for specific requirements and expectations. 

Application Deadlines

The Graduate Practicum Application is due one year prior to the clinical experience taking place.

Graduate Practicum

  • Fall and Summer A/B: November 1
  • Spring: March 1

Job Embedded Student Teaching/Practicum

  • Fall and Summer A/B: January 15
  • Spring: September 15
  • Please note: you are also responsible for completing the Student Teaching Application and Resume


Please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships and we'll be happy to help.

Colleen M. Burrell, M.Ed.
Program Director, Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships
Golisano Academic Center, Room 277
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14618

Need Help With Your Resume?

Please contact our School of Education career coach in the Center For Life's Work.   

Michael Kahl
Director in Career Services
Director of Career Services in Center for Life's Work
Golisano Academic Center 111A