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Serving the Community


Zoom screenshot with people in silly hats and sunglasses during teletherapy

Teletherapy speech therapy groups (pictured) are just one way faculty and students are serving the Rochester area community. Nazareth staff, faculty, and students are also sharing expertise, volunteering, and providing a variety of services digitally.

Full story: Nazareth College community responds for the greater good during COVID-19 »

Zoom backgrounds


2 Zoom backgrounds showing fountain and Golisano Training Center

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Coping Strategies


John Rigney & Charlie

    Practice Self Compassion
    Get up and get movin'!
    Introducing Mental Health Minute: Take care of yourself

    Shanna Jamanis

      Jamie Fazio

        Meditation with Heather Acomb


          Virtual Showcases


          Hear My Voice

            A Cabaret for the Black Lives Matter Movement

            Student dancers

              Dance Ensemble
              Spring Dance Concert

              Need a Smile?


              Musical fun

                Classes Will Go On and On and On
                Musical Theatre Music Theory class: Freak Flag
                Musical theatre Class of 2021: Stand By Me

                Pets of Naz

                  TikTok Fun

                    Coronation Day
                    Res Life Dancing
                    Random Things from the 'Fridge

                    We're Here for you (Virtually)


                    Coach Kelly Dunne

                      Bryan Adams

                        The Searings

                          CFLW Staff

                            Social Distancing


                            Campus Safety & Res Life

                              It Stinks to be Extinct

                                Solitary Soccer

                                  Good to Know


                                  Prof. Kneeland

                                    Flu vs. COVID in 2 minutes

                                    Look for the Good


                                    Health Heroes

                                      Alum is in key role at Monroe Community Hospital
                                      Thank you for keeping us safe! — Meg Bateman
                                      Thanks from Liz White, nursing major

                                      Isaiah Tolbert

                                        Donovan Enriquez '20

                                          For our accepted/incoming students


                                          Jennifer Medden Giessler '95

                                            Chelsea Lehmann '09