Center for Spirituality

Naz Yoga Kula


Yoga provides an accessible spiritual path for students of all beliefs and perspectives.  Yoga at Nazareth responds to students’ desire to explore and strengthen their spirituality by integrating spiritual themes, meditation, and self-reflection into yoga experiences.

Yoga classes at Nazareth bring together students, faculty and staff from various faiths, ages, cultures, genders, sexual identities and abilities and help to foster a sense of community within a diverse campus community. Yoga students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and develop new confidence, skills and awareness. Themes such as gratitude, peace, balance  and teamwork help students to reflect on their hopes, fears, values and passions. In this way, the



Stretch. Strengthen. Center.

FREE for students, faculty, staff and alumni. All levels are welcome.

Bring your own mat or use one of ours.


All are classes in the Linehan Chapel - 1st floor of GAC Sponsored by the Center for Spirituality and the Office of Intramurals.