Into the Blue

Nazareth graduate Lauren McLaughlin '10 is on the final leg of an amazing cross continent journey as the production assistant of Alexandra Cousteau (granddaughter of legendary marine explorer Jacques Cousteau). McLaughlin is a member of Cousteau's "Expedition Blue Planet," a trip sponsored in part by National Geographic. McLaughlin and the team are nearing the end of the 14,500 mile voyage across North America. They spent the past six months bringing attention to critical water issues, and the expedition crew produced a series of short on-line films during the trip which will become a comprehensive film for broadcast next year. We spoke with McLaughlin while she was on the road, and she answered some questions about her once in a lifetime experience.

Where are you traveling for Expedition Blue Planet?
How did you find out about the expedition?
What are your duties as production assistant?
What are some of the most surprising things you've learned on your trip so far?
Do you have any favorite spots that you've traveled?
What do you think your next step will be after the expedition ends in November?
How did Nazareth prepare you for this first step in your career?
Lauren McLaughlin

Images © Blue Legacy/Ali Sanderson