International Photo Contest

In the 2014 International Photo Contest, sponsored by the Center for International Education, Nazareth students entered more than 160 images in three categories — Human Interest, Foreign Landscape, and Cultural Experience. Enjoy these winning images and experience the world through our travelers' eyes: the exotic places they’ve been, the extraordinary people they’ve seen, and the culturally significant moments they’ve experienced.

Staring in the Face of Culture

Cultural Experience--Third Place

Kaitlin Isabelle '15
Staring in the Face of Culture, March 2013

Taken during the famous festival, Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain.

The Island of Color

Foreign Landscape--Honorable Mention

Amy Dana '15
La Isola di Colore (The Island of Color), July 2013

“This little town was actually an island located adjacent to Venice. As you can see it has a hint of Venice in it with the river running through. Of all the places I traveled, this was by far my favorite. Every building on this island was painted a unique, bright color. This small island of Burano is famously known for its hand-crafted lace.”


Cultural Experience--First Place

Kathryn Cooper '13

Celebrate, January 2013.

“We had been sightseeing that day, visiting different religious temples and churches, but we decided to stop at this Jacobite church called St. Mary’s Cathedral at Manarkad in the state of Kerala, India. We were curious because a lot of people were standing outside the church. We asked some women what was going on, and they t

Bullet Memorial

Human Interest--Third Place

Rebecca Craver '13
Remembering the Fallen, March 2013

“In the photo, a young women is gently touching the wall, studying the large balls that are attached to it. The balls are actually bullet holes that have been memorialized to remember all the young Hungarians who protested against Communism and were slaughtered in the year 1956. The memorial is a haunting reminder that freedom comes at a price.”

The World is Small

Cultural Experience--Second Place

Kyla Marie Partridge '16
The World Is Small, September 2013

“Hiking up Mount Tai is considered a sacred experience in China. There are more than 6,000 steps from the bottom to the top. This was only the beginning. The first emperor of China climbed to the top of this mountain and proclaimed China one united country for the first time ever. Confucius also climbed the mountain and at the summit claimed, ‘The world is small.’ Each year, people come from all over the

The Serenity of Greece

Foreign Landscape--First Place

Laura Streeter '15
The Serenity of Greece, Spring 2013

“This photo was taken on the Greek island of Kefalonia where I traveled on my spring break. This is one of the many beaches on the island. All of the beaches were pebble beaches, with crystal clear blue water, and surrounded by mountains.”


Human Interest--Honorable Mention

Amelia O'Leary '15
Laughter, October 2013

“It was only a small roller-coaster set up in the town square for Erfurt, Germany’s, mini Oktoberfest, but the laughter tumbling from its height proved its worth. This is the moment right after the last turn, just as the cart was flattening out to return to the platform to find new cries of joy. Everyone is still fully present in the adrenaline rush, the excitement caught gleaming on their faces.”

Spain's Most Beautiful Plaza

Foreign Landscape--Honorable Mention

Kayla Royce '15
Spain's Most Beautiful Plaza, February 2013

“The photo was taken at La Plaza de España in Seville, Spain. It was by far the most gorgeous plaza in all of Spain, as far as I was able to see. It is well known worldwide, and even recognized by Hollywood for its astonishing beauty. Movies such as Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones have been partially filmed there."

Parisian Artist

Cultural Experience--Honorable Mention

Laura Streeter '15
Parisian Love for the Country, March 2013

“This picture is of the infamous Love Lock bridge in Paris where every day couples come from all over the world with a lock and key, put the lock on the bridge, and then toss the key into the Seine River. The Parisian belief is that if you do this, your love will last forever. Every day this man is on the bridge playing love songs on his accordion, completing the romantic scene.”

Along the Grand Canal

Foreign Landscape--Third Place

Lauryn Krebs '16
Along the Grand Canal, October 2013

“This is a picture I took during my fall break when I got to visit one of my favorite cities, Venice, Italy. It is of the Grand Canal, one of the most iconic images of Venice. The sun was starting to set, and my friends and I wanted to stay along the canal on our walk back to the train station. But first, we stopped off at the Rialto Bridge, which is where this photo was taken.”


Human Interest--Second Place

Erica Rayworth '14
Nocciola, March 2013.

“After spending the night in the Sahara Desert, we rode on camels to have breakfast before heading back to Marrakesh. This photo was taken about a half hour after watching a gorgeous sunrise in the dunes.”

Standing Tall

Foreign Landscape--Second Place

Amelia O'Leary '15
Standing Tall, November 2013

“Standing tall, echoing inside, the Berliner Dome is one of the centerpieces of the city. I took this photo while walking about a crisp end-of-fall day and showing a friend visiting from Russia my new wonderful home.”


Human Interest--First Place

Elizabeth Zapetis '14

Busójárás, February 2013

“The Busójárás festival takes place yearly at the end of winter in Mohács, Hungary. The men of the village dress in terrifying costumes made of sheep’s wool, with elaborate masks and cow bells on, holding shakers or noise makers, and march through the town. This is meant to scare away


Cultural Experience--Honorable Mention

Anna Heckler '16
Protest, November 2013

"This photo shows a demonstration against fracking held near Hauptbahnhof, Berlin."

Kerala Bodega

Human Interest--Honorable Mention

Juanita Jenny Viera '13
Kerala Bodega, January 2013

“This photo was taken during the religious studies/art therapy trip to Kerala, India, led by Associate Professor Corinne Dempsey.”