Composing a Music Career

Nazareth students and alums create music for TV, concerts, video games, and ads

Jack Allocco

Jack Allocco '72

"Nazareth gave me the music education I absolutely wasn't qualified to get. But they took me in and I did a lot of hard work to catch up. The education I received was in no small way the reason for why I have been a successful composer."

Nazareth gave him a chance

  • Started as an accounting major at a nearby college, took some music electives at Naz, and then asked a Nazareth professor if he could earn a music degree. "She gave me a funny look, did an on-the-spot ear test, and decided to give me a chance in the program."
  • First male student to earn a Bachelor of Science from Nazareth
  • "I've always believed that you have to go where the work is if you want to make it, and for me that place was Los Angeles."
  • Started his career at a piano bar around the corner from Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood.
  • Hired for freelance projects, before being brought on by CBS
  • Has scored more than 12,000 hours of network TV
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Winner: multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for composing
Aaron Siebert-Castiñeira

Aaron Siebert-Castiñeira '18

"I've always had a drive to change the music that I played because I wanted it to sound differently. That's when I realized I had something to say through my music."

Speaking through music

  • Composed his first piece at 9
  • Music performance/music composition major at Nazareth
  • Interned for Hans Zimmer's film score company, Remote Control Productions
  • Concert pieces commissioned by prominent soloists and ensembles
  • Commissioned to score commercials, short films, video games, and websites
  • Compositions showcased at multiple music and media conferences
  • Update: He went on for a master's in film scoring and contemporary media at Eastman School of Music
  • Listen to Aaron's music on his website
Jacob Brooks

Jacob Brooks '18

"Composing is really the only thing that makes sense for me. I wrote rock and pop since before college, but as I started to really get into music theory and its history, I got addicted. When you look at composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, they share a lot of similarities with modern artists, their work is timeless. Understanding and creating in more than one genre has made me a more rounded artist."

Creating in multiple genres

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    Composing Opportunities Through Nazareth

    Collaborate with filmmaking and video game developing students at:

    • RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)
    • FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), New York City
    • SVA (School of Visual Arts), New York City
    • Pasadena College, Los Angeles

    Enter composition competitions

    Actively participate at events such as the Light and Sound Interactive Conference

    Get connected to other opportunities through professors and the Center for Life's Work