Flu Fighters

Seven Sensational Tips for Flu Prevention

  1. Keep things in perspective. The CDC and others need to prepare for the worst-case scenarios in order to protect the public. To date, we have had relatively few cases reported at Nazareth and the duration of the illness has been only a few days.
  2. Get the facts. Check the Nazareth and Student Health Services Website for up-to-date information. This is a rapidly evolving situation and sometimes news headlines and sound bites are not the best resources for information.
  3. Stay healthy. Proper diet, rest and exercise are your best defense against any disease threat. Hand washing and other hygienic actions can help you maintain a healthy body.
  4. Build resilience. Draw on the coping skills that have helped you manage life's past curve balls. Use those same skills to manage your emotions during these challenging times.
  5. Have a plan. Talk with your friends about what you would do in case you do get influenza like illness. Explore with your family what support you might expect from them. Now is the time to make sure your "Flu Buddy" form has been returned to Residential Life.
  6. Stay connected. Maintain your social networks which can foster a sense of normalcy and provide an outlet for sharing feelings and relieving stress. Check in with your hall community and your RA. Twitter, MySpace and Facebook buddies can be a big help. However, don't be alarmed by the Twitter Tweet!
  7. Get help if necessary. If you have intense feelings of anxiety or hopelessness, contact Counseling Services (x2887). Your RA or Area Director are also there to help you develop strategies for coping with stress. Use your resources!

Flyer Fights the Flu