Golisano Training Center Grand Opening

Inclusion, fitness, and wellness for athletes of all abilities were celebrated at the October 21, 2019, grand opening of Nazareth’s Golisano Training Center — a first-of-its kind collaboration and a national model of "wellness for all."

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Special Olympics tweet: Our athletes are the first thing you see on the wall.

Benefits for all: 

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It's a win for Special Olympic and Nazareth College athletes to train at, and a win for Nazareth College Health & Human Services students who will be able to get practice working with people of different abilities.

WXXI’s Fitness and wellness for all abilities: Golisano Training Center opens at Nazareth story explained:

Nazareth students studying audiology, physical, occupational, and speech therapy and other disciplines will collaborate in the treatment of Special Olympics athletes.

"It could be blood pressure readings, it could be analyzing movements such as ergonomics when an athlete is performing, and helping them to perform optimally," explained physical therapy student Arissa Kyler-Moesle.

She might work alongside a speech language therapy student like Abbey Zych to help people who have physical or intellectual challenges.

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    6 Things to Know about the Golisano Training Center at Nazareth College

    ...Nazareth has more than 1,000 students in its College of Interprofessional Health and Human Services who will be providing health screening services, wellness programs and serving as coaches and mentors in the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program.

    "When our students in health and human services leave here, they will have a specialty," Daan Braveman said….

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    Tom Golisano tweets: Proud of this marriage of inclusion and athletics.

    Leading the way

    “Dreams only can happen if there are a lot of people who support you,” said Nazareth President Daan Braveman. He thanked Paychex Founder Tom Golisano and other donors for making this $23.8 million facility possible.

    Naz tweet shows Tom Golisano being applauded at GTC opening.

    A great vision

    “They brought forth a vision that I never thought of … a marriage between inclusion and the college,” philanthropist Tom Golisano said in his speech.

    Naz tweet Tim Shriver: Inclusion revolution targets hearts and minds

    Tim Shriver, board chairman of Special Olympics, pointed out that Tom Golisano's new book, Built Not Born, is dedicated to entrepreneurs, "those who create where something wasn't in the past, those who seek something that doesn't yet exist... you are the backbone of the United States. Be brave, be fair, act with integrity, and above all — he writes — always try to create a good deal for everyone."

    "What better words for this moment: a good deal for everyone. This is a center dedicated to creating ... a good deal for everyone."

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    Tweet from Patrick Irving: “a great space dedicated to equity and access for all”
    Jeff Van Gundy ‘85: “I’ve never been more proud than today to be a graduate of Nazareth”
    Jeff Van Gundy '85 signs a hat for an attendee from the Special Olympics.

    Jeff Van Gundy '85 signs a hat for an attendee from the Special Olympics.

    Naz tweet: Jeff Van Gundy ‘85: “A small school that wants to do better for each person”
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