Internships at Nazareth

Heels on the Ground

About 200 Nazareth students interned in 2012-2013 at more than 150 sites — as close as Rochester’s Xerox Corp. and as far as Royal Caribbean in Florida; the Embassy of Papua, New Guinea in Washington, DC; Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City; and Nelson Mandela School in Berlin.

The summer- and semester-long internships provide practical workplace experience, future career connections, and that first-hand chance to see if a particular field or employer is the right fit. Our program is growing for two reasons. More majors and minors are requiring the 120-hour, credit-bearing experiences. And even in majors that don’t, students see the benefits of real-world engagement.

While participation is rising, there are always open slots at multiple internship sites and help available to find and apply for internships that meet students’ goals.

Nazareth’s internship director adds to the experience by holding monthly seminars where interns learn from each other. Interns also reflect and discover the lessons from their workforce encounters by contributing to online discussion boards, sharing photos, conducting informational interviews, and examining how their attitudes change about which characteristics of a job are most important to them.

“Academic principles and real-life skills really come together in internships,” says Devin Kelly ’13, sociology major. “It’s the best way to learn about yourself and different organizational cultures.” 

Nazareth is one of the only colleges to make experiential learning a graduation requirement. In addition to professional internships, the hands-on opportunities include service learning, structured community service, and clinical/fieldwork experience.