How to Choose a College

Itemize Your Must-Haves

What are you looking for?

Be honest about the right fit for you. If you want to go college incognito, pick a major state school. But if you want to be known by name — as opposed to Student #15832 — consider a small college. When it comes to location, you can spend your college career in backwoodsy Farmville, in the heart of a major metropolis, or somewhere in between.

If your passions vary — from lacrosse to choir to community service — look for a school that won’t lock you into a single track. And if you want your college years to be a true campus experience instead of a commuter lifestyle, give bonus points to any college with a high weekend-fun factor.

For Your Consideration
Nazareth College's location in Pittsford, a charming suburb of New York's third-largest city, mixes a comfortable, small-town lifestyle with all the cafes/sports/concerts of the city just minutes away. But with average classes of 19, you won’t get lost in the crowd.

Think About Your Academic Program

What's your major? Or how much help do you want in finding one?

Some colleges leave undergrads to wander the academic forest like clueless Hansels and Gretels.

Most students adjust their majors after a semester or two — and some make a total flip-flop. So if you’re not 125 percent certain about your major, choose a college that offers all the classic majors (biology, French, political science) but also some offbeat majors like music/business or peace and justice studies.

For Your Consideration
Need help finding a major? Nazareth’s Guided Exploration of Majors program will assist you in sharpening your focus. Need help envisioning your career possibilities? Nazareth’s strong internship programs and extensive service projects let you test-drive your major before you graduate.

Consider the Academic Profile

Do you fit the admissions and alumni profile?

Are you looking for Ivy League academic competitiveness and exclusivity? Do you need the transitional classrooms of a community college? Or are you looking for a college where solid students grow—and launch successful careers?

For Your Consideration
With an average SAT of 1160, Nazareth is a place for strong students. Our four-year graduation rate, which is 16 percent higher than the national average, means students go straight into interesting careers as Lost set designers, award-winning teachers, ESPN analysts, up-and-coming novelists, and more. Worried about your scores? Don’t be. Our admissions process considers you as a total individual, not just a total score.

Answer the Cost Question

What matters most: sticker price or overall value?

Don’t hold your breath for a $19.99 bachelor’s degree blowout! But before you cross a college off your list, take time to peer beyond the price tag.

Factors like small classes and high placement rates make private colleges a good investment, and outstanding scholarships make them affordable. But don’t just settle for freshman-year scholarships that are designed to lure you in. Look for renewable scholarships intended to help you graduate.

For Your Consideration
Nazareth’s scholarships are guaranteed for four years — as long as you meet the GPA minimum — so you won’t experience any financial surprises. And more good news: No headaches about scholarship forms! Your application for admission serves as your scholarship application.

How to Choose a College

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