How to Succeed in (Music) Business Without Really Trying

Things have always just fallen into place for Kaeleigh Beebe ‘15. At least since she’s been at Nazareth College. The now freshman music/business major had the experience of a lifetime that changed her career focus – all thanks to a Nazareth connection.

Beebe was in New York City over spring break to see the Broadway smash hit, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starring two-time Daytime Emmy-winning television/Broadway actor and alumnus Michael Park ’90 and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. A dedicated and longtime Jonas Brothers fan – she has seen 12 of their shows in the past six years – she was there for one specific reason: to see Nick Jonas.

Well, she got her wish. And then some. Beebe’s family friend just happened to room with Michael Park’s wife during their years together at Nazareth. Beebe reached out to her and was assured a backstage tour once in New York City.

Most people would be terrified to walk up to a Broadway stage door and ask to page an actor. Not, Kaeleigh, though. In fact, the guards told her to come back twice before she actually got inside to page Park in order to get the backstage tour that his wife promised. “I’m definitely diligent,” says Beebe, “If someone tells me that I can go backstage at a Broadway show with a Jonas Brother in it, I’m coming back.”

Once backstage, Park demonstrated that signature Nazareth friendliness by giving Beebe a full tour. As a student worker in Nazareth’s scene shop, she was fascinated by the technical aspects of the show. “I got to see all the lights, the sets, the props, the costumes – I got to see the full workings of a Broadway show.” Jonas joined the two during the tour as Beebe, an avid theatre participant when she was in high school, got to fulfill another dream. “As a performer, I’ve always wanted to stand on a Broadway stage,” says Beebe. “And then there I was on a Broadway stage – with Nick Jonas!”

Beebe thought it couldn’t get any better – until Joe and Kevin, the other two Jonas Brothers, walked in the door. “I could barely get any words out,” she says. “It was truly an amazing experience.”

A declared international studies major, Beebe changed her major to music/business, something she says was not her intention at all until her fateful trip to New York. “This was never my plan. It was never my plan to do anything music or theatre related. And then everything started lining up, especially after meeting Michael [Park] and the Jonas Brothers. Now, it looks like I have to pursue a career in music business,” she says laughing. “In a good way, I feel like I just have to.”

Nazareth College's unique music business program is the first of its kind in the Rochester area. Exciting, multifaceted, and highly competitive, success in the music business today requires a comprehensive knowledge of the business, and a certain attitude. “I’m never one to step out of the spotlight,” Beebe says. “I will go up and talk to anyone.”

It is this attitude, coupled with a strong network of Nazareth alumni friends, that makes Beebe excited about her new future. She has secured a coveted internship with Live Nation this summer, photographing acts such as Dave Matthews Band and Tim McGraw at Darien Lake and Saratoga Performing Arts Centers for the company’s promotional material. Kaeleigh also plans on returning to New York City this summer. “I’m going to go back down and get in contact with Michael again,” she says. “This isn’t the last of this kind of story for me.”