It Ain't Easy Being Green...

Nazareth College's sustainability initiatives are collectively known as "GreenPrint@Naz." Since 2008, the Campus Sustainability Task Force, comprising students, faculty, and staff, has worked with the Nazareth community to implement a plan for reducing our consumption of natural resources and for moving toward campus climate neutrality.

The campus is already doing some great things that are environmentally friendly and helping to conserve energy. As a member of the Nazareth community, you can help! You play an important role in greening the College by making small changes in your everyday life.

Nazareth Students Go Bottle-Free

In response to the current Go Green! effort, a group of Nazareth College residents is now "bottle free." Residents on the second floor of O'Connor III residence hall are helping the environment by using Brita water pitchers in each suite and saying no to bottled water. To help with this effort, Wegmans and Bed Bath & Beyond each donated towards the purchase of the Britas, making the cost nearly free. Each of the eight suites received a water filter and the response has been very positive. Resident assistant Mike Stewart '11 says he sees his residents always filling up their pitchers in the kitchens and he believes this program should spread to other resident areas because "it is a great way to get residents to go green at a free cost to them."

Update to Biodiesel Story!

Did you know that since the Spring of 2009, Nazareth College has been recycling the fryer oil from its dining halls and converting it to biodiesel fuel to power a fleet of its facilities vehicles, including working trucks and lawnmowers?

The success of Nazareth's BioPro 190 refinery is now fueling the minds of students. A freshman seminar class went on location with Bob Sanderson, Nazareth's grounds and landscape manager, to get a lesson on how the refinery converts the oil into biodiesel fuel. The class even got the unique bragging rights of running the very first test of 100 percent biodiesel fuel in one of the Nazareth utility vehicles. Up until then, the college was only able to run 20% biodiesel fuel in the vehicle.

If you want to learn more about the biodiesel refinery—watch "Adding Fuel to the Fryer" video in the sidebar.

O Conner residents: Adam Krahmer, Chelsea Rinere, Sam Guba, Stacy Jackson and Glynis Jones

Students in O'Connor III say they are "bottle free" and Brita friendly.

Freshman Seminar Class

Freshman seminar class visits the BioPro 190 biodiesel fuel refinery on campus.

Adding Fuel to the Fryer