Law and Order

The proverbial long arm of the law guides every aspect of our lives. Our food is regulated for quality. Our clothes were produced under carefully established labor rules. Our jobs, our cars, our marriages—everything is affected by the law.

“No matter where you live or what you do, the framework of law in our society impacts all of us every day,” says Olena Prokopovych, Ph.D., director of Nazareth’s legal studies program.

Kayla Gibson Cannon ’05takes that concept to heart. First as an associate at Underberg & Kessler, LLP, a large firm serving western and central New York, and then managing contracts for Frontier Communications, this legal professional has found success outside the courtroom.

When she specialized in real estate law, her clients included buyers, sellers, and even lenders. The common thread in each case, she says, is the significance and seriousness of the transaction taking place.

A house “is one of the most important and certainly most expensive investments they will ever make in their lifetime,” Cannon says. “A house represents so much to a client: It’s where they go to relax, eat, sleep, and spend quality time with their families. It is where they want their children to grow up and feel protected from the world. I want to make sure that they’re represented in the best possible manner.”

While Cannon’s initial spark of legal curiosity started at age 5, it wasn’t ignited until late in her junior year at Nazareth. “I was majoring in business administration and economics, and I began to think that the law combined with my business degree would be a great way to help others.” With timely encouragement from professors Timothy Kneeland, Ph.D., and Roy Stein, J.D. (a law-school graduate and Nazareth faculty member), she crammed for her LSATs and assembled her law school applications. The rest is legal history.


Kayla Cannon

Kayla Cannon '05 

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