Celebrating the Class of 2020

Nazareth is proud of each of its graduates. Here are some of the #NazGrad20 successes and memories that shaped their Nazareth experience.

In graduates' own words

    Miles Anglin '20

    Miles Anglin '20

    Major: music education

    Quote: "I have learned so much at Naz. Some of my favorite memories are making music with my friends, the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) tour with Wind Symphony, all the Trumpet of Naz hangouts! To my favorite professors — Professor (Patrick) Corvington, Professor (Jeanne) Coonan, Dr. (Jared) Chase, Dr. (Keith) Koster, Dr. (Mary) Carlson, to name some of the academic ones — thanks for all the guidance over the years. I wouldn't be who I am today without you. And most importantly, School of Music staff members Pam Griffin and Bernadette (B-Money) Rall!”

    What’s next: military basic training and the Army School of Music — then playing with the National Guard 42nd Infantry Division Band

    Lindsey Boye '20

    Lindsey Boye '20

    Majors: inclusive childhood/early childhood education and history

    Quote: “I'm most proud of how far I have come as both a student and a teacher during my college career. I have learned so much about teaching and how to apply theory in the classroom. My struggles to overcome obstacles as a student fuel my desire to teach students skills and strategies that push them to reach their full potential. I have made great friends and worked with some incredible professors who have pushed me to do my best.”

    What's next: "Teaching first- and third-grade special education as a long-term substitute for the teacher I worked with during student teaching in Marion, New York. As teaching has turned digital, I will be instructing the students through Zoom, emailing parents regularly, and collaborating with both of the general education teachers."

    Maria Rodriguez '20

      Majors: dance studies and public health

      Quote: “I am very grateful for all the opportunities that Nazareth College has given me as part of the dance and public health departments. Everything I have accomplished here would not have been possible without the knowledge and mentoring of my teachers, such as Heather Roffe, Heather Acomb, Michelle Pritchard, Dr. Mary Maher, and many more who have supported and helped me to become who I am today and where I want to go.”

      What’s next: "I am very passionate about the health of women and children, and I will be applying to graduate school to obtain a master's degree in public health and develop programs focused on preventive care in conjunction with the arts — such as dance to build strong and healthy communities. In the meantime, in my hometown in Puerto Rico, I want to continue performing and teaching dance and Pilates and possibly audition for a modern dance company there."

      Erica Bradley '20

      Erica Bradley '20

      Majors: Early childhood/childhood education and communication and media

      Quote: "Naz prepared me for grad school with all of the field work I completed during my undergrad. I've been able to take what I have learned in class and apply it to the placements I was in, giving me valuable real-world experience."

      What's next: Grad degree at Canisius College, Buffalo, in physical education and athletics

      Michael Tilford '20

        Majors: finance and accounting

        Quote: “I enjoy just being able to work through problems or issues involving money and seeing how certain items will get financed and how long it will take. Favorite memory? I do not have just one story I can pick, but anything involving my teammates on the hockey team is a favorite.”

        What’s next: Ford Motor Company in Nashville, Tenn., Leadership and Development Program

        Celine Kristoff

        Celine Kristoff ‘20

        Major: psychology

        Quote: "I love the idea of having a career where I am able to determine which students need extra help and can perform the proper interventions to allow them to grow and be their best."

        What's next: Ph.D. in school psychology at Penn State College of Education

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        Gabrielle Merry

        Gabrielle Merry '20

        Major: biomedical sciences

        Quote: "I am so grateful for all the opportunities that Naz gave me and I can't wait to utilize them in my future studies and career."

        What's next: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

        Demetria Woodard '20

          Major: marketing

          What’s next: “I plan on moving to Indianapolis and continuing my career in athletics. I was given the opportunity to intern with the NCAA in their national office as the intern of championship operations.”

          Hannah Meli '20

            Majors: nursing and public health

            Quote: “I look forward to helping patients and their loved ones, especially through this scary time. I love nursing because I get to meet some of the most incredible people — from doctors and other healthcare professionals to the patients. I love medicine because it is always changing and new research is always coming out, meaning that I never have to stop learning."

            Favorite memory: "My last Championship Swim Meet. The men’s and women’s swim teams both won the Empire 8 Championship Conference for the first time in Naz history. “The energy our team created when we won is something I will never forget.”

            What’s next: Hired and already started work in the Surgical ICU at Rochester General Hospital

            Matt Krieg '20, ‘22G

            Matt Krieg '20, ‘22G

            Major: health science with minors in psychology, gerontology, and bioethics

            Quote: “I love that PT gives me the ability to help people through different physical challenges. It is a fulfilling career that allows me to give back and provide health care services to others. Most of my best undergraduate memories at Nazareth are from my involvement in Partners for Learning. I took a position there as a freshman, and for the last two years I have been working in the office as a student coordinator. I also have such strong memories from being a part of the Orientation team and this year I will return as a student orientation coordinator.”

            What’s next: physical therapy doctoral program at Nazareth

            Hannah Baker ‘20

              Sonata composed/performed by Hannah

              Major: music therapy, with a minor in music composition

              Quote: “I am looking forward to getting some hands-on experience seeing the number of ways music can be used to help people reach their goals. I have seen snippets of the impact music therapy can have on people’s lives, and I am looking forward to being one of the people who helps to make that impact happen.”

              What’s next: "Seeking a music therapy internship in Rochester, taking the certification exam, and becoming a board certified music therapist. I plan to keep composing on the side."

              Kennedie Brown '20

              Kennedie Brown '20

              Major: public health

              Quote: “My favorite memory would have to be traveling to Finland to do my public health internship. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I went with two other students for an entire month where we looked at the Finnish healthcare system in comparison to the United States. We were immersed in Finnish culture and I truly loved every second of it. One more thing that I loved about my college experience was being a student ambassador.”

              What’s next: master’s in social work at Fordham University

              Cameron Perez '20

                Major: communication and media

                Quote: "Great career coaching at Nazareth opened doors to multiple opportunities — including her dream of being part of the Disney college program. "I was really shy. This really got me out of my shell. In communications, you obviously have to talk to people, and I learned how to work out different situations."

                What’s next: Cameron plans to get her master's in the higher education student affairs administration (HESAA) program at Nazareth starting in spring 2021 — after returning to Florida in fall 2020 to participate in the Disney college program (long her dream) for a second time.

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                Brian Bates '20

                Brian Bates '20

                Major: clinical laboratory sciences

                Quote: “What makes me love my field of study (clinical laboratory sciences) is the mystery that presents in some of the patients' cases. I enjoy trying to put all the pieces together in order to have an idea of what is causing the patients’ suffering. I also enjoy making a positive impact in the patients’ lives.”

                What’s next: "Hired at United Memorial Medical Center and taking my certification exam."

                Kevin Hussey

                Kevin Hussey '20

                Major: business management

                Quote: "Nazareth shaped who I am today."

                Favorite memory: "...winning the E8 Men's Lacrosse Championship my freshman year. My favorite memory as a student was working as hard as I could to earn a 4.0 GPA as a senior (fall 2019). Memories were made every single day while I was building strong relationships with my teammates, friends, and professors. These memories and relationships will last a lifetime.

                What's next: business account manager in Wayfair's Professional Program in Boston

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                Madison Clark '20

                Madison Clark '20

                Major: public health, minor in social welfare

                Quote: “I look forward to having the ability to combine my knowledge from public health, social welfare and nursing to provide holistic care to women as a future midwife. I also hope to advocate for birth justice and racial inequalities specifically within women’s healthcare. Being able to study public health at Naz has provided me with the knowledge and ability to address health care needs from a multidimensional approach. Learning about population health through many different lenses allows professionals to approach situations and provide solutions specific to the community they are working with.”

                Favorite memory: “My favorite memory of college is when I planned Public Health Week 2019. Dr. Maher and I work very hard to provide educational and exciting presentations and activities to the college community. My time as Public Health Week coordinator not only taught me leadership and organizational skills, but it allowed me to become closer to Dr. Maher. Dr. Maher was not only my advisor and teacher during my time at Naz but she was my mentor and honestly one of my best friends on campus.”

                What’s next: Salisbury University accelerated nursing program


                  Christopher Calabrese '20

                  Christopher Calabrese '20

                  Major: music education; minor in jazz studies

                  Quote: “I'm really excited to begin to connect and share my love for music with all of my new students! I really love the communal power that music brings out in all of us. Music exemplifies the human condition: We practice, make mistakes, and continue to grow throughout our lives.”

                  What he’ll miss: “Trips to the CAB after Jazz Ensemble, late-night runs for plates after playing gigs with my friends, and practicing late into the night and being the only one in the music building."

                  What’s next: Music teacher at Glendale American Elementary in Glendale, AZ, and teaching grades 5-8 band

                  Meagan Maher '20, Jazlyn Melindo '20, and Natasha George '20

                  Meagan, Jazlyn, and Natasha are pursuing projects to advance human rights, alleviate poverty, and improve the environment. Clinton Global Initiative University selected them among 600 innovative student leaders based on the strength of their projects.

                  • Meagan is a business management and community youth development double major with interfaith and religious studies minors whose Autistically Beautiful project seeks to help professors and students learn from and accept people with disabilities, including autism. 

                  • Jazlyn, a music major, committed to working with musicians performing at a public market to advocate and fundraise for a homelessness organization. 

                  • Natasha, an international studies major, committed to network with multiple groups and businesses to implement a new plastics recycling project.

                  Thomas Cuyler Jr. '20

                  Thomas Cuyler Jr. '20

                  Major: community youth development

                  Quote: Thomas said what he loves most about being a youth advocate is fostering positive healthy relationships with young men in the community he grew up in. "My goal is not to make a difference, I can't make a difference in their life; only they can make a difference in their life. I can only give them the information to empower themselves to move forward."

                  What's next: Hired before he graduated as a full-time youth advocate for Ibero-American Action League's Aspira Mentoring and Enrichment Program.

                  Emily Kielbasinski '20

                  Emily Kielbasinski '20

                  Major: music performance (vocal)

                  Quote: "Naz created so many amazing opportunities for me throughout my four years here. From performances in the Opera Workshop, to singing backup for Josh Groban, to even going abroad to Poland to sing in incredible churches with the choir, I have gained so much life experience. I also have found Nazareth's strong emphasis on community to enrich my time here. It's the reason I chose Naz in the first place. The faculty and students are so supportive and I really felt like I had a family at Naz."

                  What's next: East Carolina University for a masters in vocal performance

                  Jessie Gerlock '20

                  Jessie Gerlock '20

                  Majors: history and inclusive childhood/early childhood education

                  Quote: “What I love most about teaching is that each day is a new and exciting beginning. Every day you get to come into the classroom and spend it with some awesome kiddos, and getting to know each of their unique personalities is truly amazing. Understanding student’s interests and learning styles and then incorporating them into your teaching is one of my favorite parts. I also love working through difficult concepts with students; nothing beats the pure joy a student feels when they have finally overcome a problem or concept that is difficult for them. It really is a rewarding field.”

                  What’s next: Hired as a long-term, first-grade substitute teacher, Newark Central School District. “I’m so excited! I also plan on attending graduate school to study library science with a focus in school librarianship. I dream of being an elementary school librarian.”