Through the Lens

In her junior year, art education major Mythra Saidian '14 chose to study abroad because of the incredible opportunities for growth that learning within another culture offers. After being encouraged by many of her professors to further explore her passion for videography, she made the decision to document the experience by interviewing and filming fellow Nazareth College students studying abroad in Berlin as they fulfilled an internship component while overseas.

"I think the whole experience helps students decide what they’re really passionate about," said Saidian. "When you’re submerged in a new place, a new culture, and are learning a new job all at once, you’re forced to develop various skill sets that are crucial for life after college.”

Saidian recommends study abroad opportunities for all students. "It helps you to form connections, build a network, and gain a better understanding of different cultures and societies. The experience of learning in another country really encouraged me to grow on an educational and personal level."

Nazareth in Berlin