Student Activities & Leadership

Intramurals & Recreation

Intramurals & Recreation at Nazareth College offers students opportunities to participate in sporting, outdoor adventure, fitness, and leisure activities that foster peer bonding and support healthy lifestyles. All open events and fitness classes are free for Nazareth students. 

Fitness Classes

Body Combat
Mid Day Yoga
Night Light Yoga
Body Pump

Open Events & Leagues

Guided Bike Rides
Sunday Night Open Gym
Wednesday Night Open Gym
3v3 Basketball League
3v3 Indoor Soccer League

Special Events

Super Bowl Party
Omnikin Ball Tournament
Kan Jam Tournament
Spikeball Tournament
Water Balloon Toss and Fight
Intramurals Logo
night light yoga class by candlelight

Night Light Yoga

Tournament Winners!

Sand Volleyball: Sandy Cheeks

Indoor Volleyball: Volley Llamas

Mario Party: 11/30/17 

Winner: Katelyn Santiago 

Table Tennis 1/15/18

Winner: Daniel Jacob