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Thank a Scholarship Giver

Named scholarships and awards at Nazareth College are made possible through the generosity of trustees, alumni, and friends of the College. In establishing these funds, donors have given a great deal of consideration to supporting the needs and recognizing the accomplishments of specific students.

In turn, we ask you — our student scholars — to write a letter of gratitude to your scholarship donor and share information about yourself, your goals, your Nazareth experience, and your future plans.

Sign up for a thank-you session

Use this form to RSVP for Thursday, Oct. 19 or Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. You will also be requested to provide your name, class year, major/minors, and activities/interests/honors at that time.

This biographic information and your photo (taken at the TAG Scholarship event) will be shared with your scholarship donor, as part of the donor's scholarship packet.


How are scholarship recipients notified?
What’s required of scholarship recipients? 2017 event dates?
What happens at a TAG Scholar session?
Is there anything I need to do before the session?

Thank You Letters

Letter writing tips
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